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October 2, 2008 7:35pm | by:
HI DAVID:                        


Dear Oscar,
There is actually no scientific proof that having sex before an athletic competition impairs your ability to perform. Still, over the years countless elite athletes have abstained, preferring to keep their pants on and their bodily fluids to themselves. I don’t know if you are genuinely interested in an answer or if you have a wife that has “constant headaches” that is filling your head with this nonsense but that is exactly what it is. Now, what will affect your riding the following morning is staying up all night getting your freak on. I usually wouldn’t suggest that you be a selfish lover but, you know…you need to get some sleep. Good luck and adios.  


  • Ping and Heidi?
I didn't know you had a girlfriend named Heidi. (See attached photo)

Dear Eric,
That is so lame. I get it; I look like Spencer Pratt, the biggest dork to ever get his picture put in a magazine. This is like the 100th email I’ve gotten from different people saying the same thing and its ridiculous. My face is clearly more round than his, I don’t wear fancy designer jeans that cost more than an international airline ticket, I wouldn’t wear a hideous necklace like that and I would never have a mindless hussy like Heidi hanging from my arm. That girl got beat with the dumb stick real hard. And he’s not exactly building rockets for a living, either. I’d rather be told I look like David Spade. He’s a dork too, but at least he’s got a sense of humor.


Do you really think that Supermoto needs to be racing on banked ovals? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the safety issues here. I mean, why not make the concrete walls with 18 inch steel spikes sticking out? Honestly, I was a mediocre motocross racer and I got into road racing for a bit. While I was faster I quickly found my balls shrinking into my stomach while doing a track day Pocono. The 4th and 4th gear tapped whoop-section on the back straight and banking made me realize that I wasn’t going to pursue road racing either. 
I was initially very excited about Supermoto. To me it seemed a safer alternative to road racing on American tracks, and it combined both of my main motorcycle passions. However, within a short time the races were held at banked oval short tracks. I hate to be right in this case, but when I went to New Smyrna Speedway for the first spectating experience, I knew it was bad news. That was the day Doug Henry broke his back…again. I mean, I know racers are supposed to mitigate their focus on the possibilities, but I think Supermoto racers should take a page out of Matt Mladin’s book and start voicing their opinions about how dangerous this type of racing is. It’s still a small enough community where protests and such will probably make a difference. Road racers in this country have been letting people know how bad it is for years. Supermoto can be raced in parking lots and such, just ask the X games people.   I would love to hear your opinion on the safety situation in Supermoto. Man, I hate seeing guys injured (and worse) like this so soon in a sports existence.  

Lee Woodward  

  • Ping backs it in... safely.
Dear Lee,
Trust me, we are voicing our opinions. There is no reason we should ever be racing at a speedway with concrete walls lining the course and this season we’ve already been to two of them. Tragically we lost one of our own, Tony Hart, at the Connecticut event, which had those walls. The problem is that Supermoto has been on the brink of extinction here in the States and the series coordinators had to string events together at any facility that would agree to put an event on this year. Our final race in Austin next weekend is a city-street event and it should be amazing. And from what I’m hearing they have some cool things lined up for next year that they have been working on all summer. That is good because this has been a season that most in the sport would rather forget. I was intrigued with Supermoto for the same reasons you were, Lee. Not only is it a hybrid of two amazing sports but also they can be put on in any parking lot, anywhere, and you can create as much runoff as you need and eliminate much of the risk of racing. Sure, it is still racing motocross bikes so there is always going to be some element of danger. But we aren’t utilizing one of the coolest aspects of it and that is safety. Motorcycle racing is going through some big changes right now. Supercross has a new owner, motocross has a new owner (decent guy from what I understand), and road racing is desperately trying to find its way under new management. Hopefully 2009 marks the beginning of new eras for all of these sports and they start making progress to grow in the future. And hopefully safety is a big part of that progress.