MXoN Moto 2 Results



Continuing where he left off yesterday, it was New Zealand’s Open-class rider Cody Cooper grabbing the holeshot in the second moto of the day, followed by Ryan Villopoto, France’s Anthony Boissiere, Belgium’s Steve Ramon and Italy’s Alex Salvini. Tim Ferry got off to a mid-pack start and came around in eleventh.

  • Ryan Villopoto won the second MX2/Open moto by 24 seconds
  • Cody Cooper grabbed the holeshot in the MX2/Open moto
  • Steve Ramon rode strong and finished second
  • Michael Byrne ran inside the top ten the entire moto and finished eighth
  • Tim Ferry battled the entire moto and made it to ninth
  • Tommy Searle got around Cooper in the waning moments to take third
  • RV ended his MX2 career on top
Out front, RV made quick work of Cooper and immediately set off on a tear in his last race aboard a 250F. For the rest of moto, Villopoto put on a performance eerily similar to last year at Budds Creek, setting a blistering pace and stretching his lead in every corner. Cooper maintained a safe cushion and then fell, allowing Boissiere to get around for second, and further back England’s Tommy Searle started his charge to the front, while MX2 World Champion Tyla Rattray of South Africa crashed and was put a lap down.

Ferry looked to be putting on a charge, but that was halted when he failed to get around Australia’s Michael Byrne. The Yamahas of Frenchman Nicolas Aubin and Puerto Rican team’s Zach Osborne then caught and passed both Ferry and Byrne, and Osborne set his sights on the top five.

At the end of the moto, it was Ryan Villopoto putting an exclamation point on one of the most amazing careers for a 125cc/Lites/MX2 rider, taking the win by 24.6 seconds over Open rider Steve Ramon. Tommy Searle worked his way to third, followed by Cody Cooper, Alex Salvini and Zach Osborne. Tim Ferry was able to hold on to ninth, giving the Americans a total of 21 points, followed by Italy and Great Britain tied with 33 apiece. After the final moto each team can drop their worst moto finish, which is Villopoto’s tenth-place from moto one at this point.

In the individual tallies, Villopoto’s 10-1 should win him the MX2 individual overall for the third year in a row (and in as many tries), as it should be enough to top Tommy Searle’s 9-3.

1. Ryan Villopoto (Kaw) USA
2. Steve Ramon (Suz) BEL
3. Tommy Searle (KTM) GBR
4. Cody Cooper (Suz) NZL
5. Alex Salvini (Suz) ITA
6. Zach Osborne (Yam) PUR
7. Nicolas Aubin (Yam) FRA
8. Michael Byrne (Suz) AUS
9. Tim Ferry (Kaw) USA
10.Brett Metcalfe (Kaw) AUS

Team standings (after two of three motos):
1. United States - 21 points
2. Great Britain - 33 points
3. Italy - 33 points