Womens Motocross Series Stories

MOTOCROSS - Hot Summer Nights Women’s Series
By Debbie Matthews
Photo By Rod Rutherford (Photo © Cycle News, Inc. 2008)
In the Heat of the Night 6/21/2008


Round one kicked off under extremely hot conditions, and the Women’s racing for the evening was just as intense.

In the Over 25 class, the holeshot went to Laurie Cary, with Amy Cole, Heather Majcherek and Heather Brown in tow. Cary pulled out a commanding lead early on, only to have Cole close the gap. Then Cole stuck a wheel inside Cary, taking the lead. Cary retaliated, only to have Cole pass her back as they approached the final double before the flag. Cary hit the double at full throttle, passing Cole in midair. Cole drove it hard into the final corner and drew even, only to miss a gear, giving Cary the win, over Cole, Majcherek and Brown.

In moto two, the holeshot went to Brown, who pulled out an impressive lead and won it in a walk, over Cary and Majcherek.

The Women’s Amateur holeshot went to Intermediate Brittany Marcotte, over Novice leader Tiana Falls, Intermediate rider Bryanna Marcotte (155), and Novice Brianda Henry. Brittany held a tenuous lead over Falls and Bryanna, while Henry kept pace in fourth. Brittany took a pressure-free win over Bryanna, who was unable to pass Falls before the flag. Henry was fourth, and second Novice.

Moto two found both twins out front. Bryanna jammed to the front, over Brittany, with Falls riding their back fender. The battle escalated as the top three rode as one. Falls cut a path between the battling twins to lead on the white-flag lap and kept the twins at bay to the checkers. Bryanna beat Brittany by inches. Henry crossed the line in fourth, second Novice.

Lacie Price led the Beginner-class charge, over Majcherek, Lauren Hammond, Airn Chamberlain, Christine Stutson, Sarah Desmet and Lindsay Didlake. Hammond made quick work of Majcherek with an inside move to take over second, while Chamberlain, Desmet and Stutson battled through the whoops, with Desmet making a pass and pulling into fifth.

Hammond dropped the hammer on Price to grab the lead, and Majcherek moved past as well. Price, pushing hard in the corners, regained the position. Chamberlain ran fourth until Desmet blasted past, only to crash out. Didlake completed the pass on Chamberlain for fourth, over Stutson.

Hammond nabbed the moto-two holeshot, over Price and Chamberlain. Chamberlain jumped over Price in midair, while Stutson and Didlake battled, 450 vs. mini. Majcherek missed the start and gated 15 seconds behind the pack.

Hammond dominated the moto for double-moto wins, over Price in second, while Didlake muscled her way into third, over Chamberlain. Majcherek caught the pack on the white flag and closed to Stutson’s back tire. Majcherek struck quickly, passing Stutson and holding it on until they hit the long straight, where Stutson’s 450 blasted past Majcherek’s 125. Majcherek tried to retake the position, but the power of the big bike was too much in the final straights to the checkers. Stutson crossed the line for fifth. Majcherek was sixth, frustrated at what might have been a podium finish – lost in the heat of the night.


WMN 85-110 OPEN AGE:1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Brianda Henry (Suz).

WMN BEG: 1. Lauren Hammond (Yam); 2. Lacie Price (Yam); 3. Lindsey Didlake (Suz); 4. Airn Chamberlain (Hon); 5. Heather Majcherek (Yam).

WMN NOV: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Brianda Henry (Suz).

WMN INT: 1. Bryanna Marcotte (Suz); 2. Brittany Marcotte (Suz).

WMN VET 25+: 1. Laurie Cary (Yam); 2. Heather Brown (Hon); 3. Heather Majcherek (Yam); 4. Amy Cole (Hon).

MOTOCROSS - Hot Summer Nights Series – Women’s Division
By Debbie Matthews
Photo By Debbie Matthews (Photo © Cycle News, Inc. 2008)
Sik Sails to Hot Summer Night Win 7/5/2008


Round two of the Hot Summer Nights Series boasted world-class flair in the Women’s class, with 28 riders the USA, Brazil and Iceland competing head to head. The first to rise to the top was Women’s Pro-class rider Tatum Sik

. She nailed holeshots in both motos to claim the overall, over Brazilian Mariani Balbi, Aubriana Dunn, and Ayla Cabus.

The Women’s Intermediate and Novice classes were next. As the riders funneled down into the first corner, Vicki Golden got pinched off hard and tumbled to the ground, knocking herself out for a lap. Intermediate Michelle Horton grabbed the holeshot, followed by Tiana Falls, Lauren Jung, Erika Short, Taylor Cannon, Icelander Anita Hauksdottir, Ashley Hayes, Nikki Olsen and Michelle Johnson. The battle up front was intense as Falls closed to Horton’s back tire. Falls railed the outside past Horton and slammed the door.

Over the next series of jumps, those two were bar to bar, banging off each other in the air and the succeeding corners with neither rider giving an inch. Horton powered by again in the next corner, only to have Falls force the issue inside the following corner as the riders came together again. Falls took the overall lead for good on the white-flag lap and went on to take the win in the Novice class, over Cannon, Short, Hayes, Hauksdottir, Olsen and Johnson.

Falls was perfect again in moto two, taking the Novice win, over Short and Hayes.

The first Intermediate moto was won by Horton, over Jung and Golden. Moto two saw Golden – riding with a concussion, no less – lead from flag to flag for the win, over Horton and Jung. The overall win went to Horton by virtue of her first-moto victory.

Shelby Emerson got the holeshot in the Women’s Beginner contest, over Lindsey Didlake, Theodora Heimisdattir, Lacie Price, Lauren Hammond, Heather Majcherek and Christine Stutson. Didlake made a bid for the lead stick over the doubles, charging hard past Emerson, and Price also squeaked by, while with Hammond was all over Heimisdattir. Hammond executed an outside/inside pass to move into fourth.

In the infield, Didlake and Price split Emerson, with Didlake taking the lead as Emerson tried to block Price. Emerson’s block failed and she dropped to third, ahead of Hammond, Heimisdattir, Majcherek and Stutson.

As the pack hit the back section, Price stole the lead from Didlake, and as the front threesome battled they opened up a small lead. Hammond caught the lead trio and doubled past Emerson, while Majcherek closed to Heimisdattir’s back wheel. They finished in that order.

Moto two belonged to Didlake, who grabbed the holeshot and was never challenged. Price claimed second, over Hammond, Majcherek, Heimisdattir, Emerson and Stutson.

In the Over 25 class, Laurie Cary returned to winning form, topping the class with 2-1 scores over Icelander Theodora Heimisdattir, Heather Brown and Heather Majcherek.

The 85-110 class was again dominated by Tiana Falls, over Taylor Cannon.


WMN 85-110: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Taylor Cannon (Yam).

WMN BEG: 1. Lindsey Didlake (Suz); 2. Lacie Price (Yam); 3. Lauren Hammond (Yam); 4. Heather Majcherek (Yam); 5. Theodora Heimisdattir (Yam).

WMN NOV: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Erika Short (Hon); 3. Ashley Hayes (Yam); 4. Taylor Cannon (Yam); 5. Anita Hauksdottir (Suz).

WMN INT: 1. Michelle Horton (Yam); 2. Vicki Golden (Hon); 3. Lauren Jung (Kaw).

WMN PRO: 1. Tatum Sik (Kaw); 2. Mariani Balbi (Kaw); 3. Aubriana Dunn (Hon); 4. Ayla Cabus (Yam).

WMN 25+/VET: 1. Laurie Cary (Yam); 2. Theodora Heimisdattir (Yam); 3. Heather Brown (Hon); 4. Heather Majcherek (Yam).

MOTOCROSS - Hot Summer Nights Series – Women’s Division
By Debbie Matthews
Photo By Debbie Matthews (Photo © Cycle News, Inc. 2008)
Falls Fabulous at Perris 7/12/2008


Although Heather Lockwood took the Women’s Intermediate win at round three of the Hot Summer Nights Series at California’s Perris Raceway, Women’s School of Motocross Novice rider Tiana Falls (700) absolutely dominated the overall action, leading the entire field of riders in both motos. Taylor Cannon was hot on her heels, refusing to let Falls go, while Lockwood held down the third overall position, over Courtney Roewer. They held those positions to the checkers.

In moto two, Falls once again got the holeshot, over Cannon, Lockwood and Roewer. Lockwood made an inside/outside move to take the second position from Cannon, but Cannon punched her way back past Lockwood to regain the position and then held it to the finish, over Rower, who finished in fourth.

Top Beginner in the first moto was Lecksi Winger, who finished ahead of Lindsey Didlake, Lacie Price, Lauren Hammond, Cathy Silva, Heather Miller and Heather Majcherek. Hammond made a bid for the inside on Price and took over the third spot for an instant, but Price retaliated, retaking the position. They entered the next corner three-wide, with Price getting the advantage over the Honda-mounted Winger and YZ rider Hammond. Miller slid her way into fourth, while Didlake crashed. With that crash, Majcherek closed the gap on Didlake and took over fifth. Winger retook the lead, over Price and Hammond, and Didlake recovered for fourth, repassing Miller and Majcherek on the last lap.

The moto-two holeshot went to Didlake, over Hammond, who stuck to the inside, only to miss a shift and drop to fourth, behind Winger, who later bobbled and dropped to sixth.

As they began lap two, Didlake remained in the point position, but Miller moved up to nab second, over Hammond, Price, Majcherek and Winger. Miller closed to Didlake’s back wheel, and a battle ensued, with Miller wrenching the position away from Didlake. Winger won the battle for third, over Price, Hammond, Majcherek and Silva.

Winger captured the overall by virtue of her 1-3 scores, over a three-way tie for second, which went to Miller, over Didlake, Price, Hammond, Majcherek and Silva.

Laurie Cary carried away the holeshot in the first Over 25 clash, with Heather Majcherek attempting to slingshot around the outside. Although Majcherek got close, she was never able to strike, finishing behind Cary in both motos.

The first Women’s 80-110cc moto holeshot was snagged by Tiana Falls, with Taylor Cannon running a strong second, over Courtney Roewer in third. Falls pulled out to what appeared to be a comfortable margin, until disaster struck, in the form of a rear flat. Falls soldiered on, but the flat allowed Cannon to close the distance on the final lap and drop Falls to second at the flag.

Moto two again saw Falls out front, with Cannon applying heavy pressure from behind, followed by Roewer. Falls was flat out flying and refused to buckle under the pressure being applied by Cannon, taking the win and the overall over Cannon and Roewer.


WMN 80-110: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Taylor Cannon (Yam); 3. Courtney Roewer (Hon).

WMN BEG: 1. Lecksi Winger (Hon); 2. Heather Miller (Hon); 3. Lindsay Didlake (Suz); 4. Lacie Price (Yam); 5. Lauren Hammond (Yam).

WMN NOV: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM); 2. Taylor Cannon (Yam); 3. Courtney Roewer (Hon).

WMN INT: 1. Heather Lockwood (Kaw).

WMN 25+: 1. Laurie Cary (Yam); 2. Heather Majcherek (Yam).

Ives Wins at Perris    

August 9, 2008, Perris, California, Perris Raceway, Hot Summer Nights, Round 4

Perris Raceway continues to accommodate the Women racers with multiple classes at their annual Hot Summer Night's ten round series. This round had fifteen Women racers scattered across six classes. With one complete all Women gate as the Women Pro and Intermediates split the gate with the Women Beginner class. This report covers the Women racers participating in round four, let's race.

Women Intermediate Brittney Marcotte is out in front in moto one, Intermediate Jackie Ives second, Intermediate Bryanna Marcotte third, and WMA Pro Ayala Cabus fourth in the inter-class gate of Women Pro's and Intermediates. On lap two Brittney Marcotte holding off Cabus who has now moved into second, Ives in the hunt and stalking in third. Brittney Marcotte cross-ruts in a corner near the half-way point allowing Cabus and Ives to move by. Ives immediately puts the steam to the moto leader Cabus, but Cabus responded in kind holding off the scrappy Ives for the moto win, Ives second, and Brittney Marcotte third at the checkers.

The moto two gate is down as Surflex's Cabus and D & E Yamaha's Ives are out of there sparing no prisoners running one-two and leaving the pack behind. Cabus is speeding her bike into the ruts and gassing full-tilt out of the turns but Ives is doing the same and seems unshakable, just waiting for her moment to pass. Cabus showing no weakness seems to hitting up a gap and pulling away slightly. Cabus suddenly slows allowing Ives back into the race. Ives pulls within a few bike lengths of Cabus looking for a passing line as they both dodge lapped racers. Cabus was having an asthma attack and kept on fighting but just did not have enough to keep Ives at bay. Ives gets by for the moto win and race overall over the Pro Cabus. Cabus second at the checkers, Brittney Marcotte third. Ives (1-1) was first Intermediate, Brittney Marcotte (2-2) second Intermediate, and Bryanna Marcotte (3-3) third overall. Cabus won the Pro class (1-1) and was second overall in theinter-class battle.

The twenty year old Jackie Ives started racing about eight years ago in Hanford, California. As her skills progressed she begun traveling to series such as CMC's Golden State Nationals and ran near the top in the Women's class as well as some Boy's classes on a consistent basis. Winning her share of series titles along the way, the Yamaha pilot has been nagged throughout the past few years with a series of shoulder injuries slowing her step upto the Women's Motocross Association (WMA) Pro class, but 2008 is forming up to be one of her best seasons ever after manufacturing her first WMA 'B' class overall in round three at Washougal, as well as holding the WMA 'B' class points lead going into the fourth and final round of the WMA Amateur series at Steel City. Ives is more than ready for the WMA Pro and should be breaking the top ten regularly when she moves into the class at the WMA Cup. Iveswould like to thank Mark Ives Landscape and Curb Mate.

Heather Miller has been flying under the radar for the past year but with a class of her own in the Women Beginner, she has relished the spotlight and this night it shined brighter than ever. Riding away with both wins in the six racer Women Beginner she won the overall decisively. Lacie Price (4-2) was second and Lauren Hammond (3-3) overall. Lauren Woods motored with thelarger bikes and plowed her KTM 65 to a second place in moto one, but lost her wheels in moto two for sixth and fourth overall.

WMN. Pro: 1. Ayla Cabus, 1-1, (Kaw).

WMN INT: 1. Jackie Ives, 1-1, (Yam); 2.Brittney Marcotte, 2-2, (Suz); 3. Bryanna Marcotte, 3-3, (Suz).

WMN NOV: 1. Taylor Cannon, 1-1, (Yam).

WMN BEG: 1. Heather Miller, 1-1, (Hon);2. Lacie Price, 4-2, (Suz); 3. Lauren Hammond, 3-3, (Yam).

WMN 25+ VET: 1. Laurie Cary, 1-1,(Yam).

WMN 85cc-110 OPEN: 1. Taylor Cannon,1-1, (Yam); 2. Lauren Woods, 2-2, (KTM)

MOTOCROSS - Hot Summer Nights Women’s Division
By Debbie Matthews
Photo By Rod Rutherford (Photo © Cycle News, Inc. 2008)
Price Purloins the Prize at Perris 8/16/2008


The Perris Hot Summer Nights Series’ Women’s classes continue to be hotly contested affairs. The number of ladies competing in the series continues to be impressive each week, with riders coming from all over California and nearby states to participate. Round five was no different, and standing as a testament to the heart and determination of these riders is the fact that the results were so mixed.

Moto one saw Intermediate Lauren Jung take the holeshot, with Novice rider Taylor Cannon taking the number-two slot, over Lacie Price (22) and Jeanine Turner. Cannon and Jung went on to win their respective classes, while a battle royale raged among a bevy of beauties for Beginner-class honors. Price and Turner engaged in an intense game of cat-and-mouse, with Turner eventually taking control and the Beginner-class win, over Price and Lauren Hammond, with Lindsay Didlake and Heather Miller rounding out the top five. The previous week’s first-moto winner, 50cc rock star Lauren Woods, mustered a sixth in the talented field, followed by Cathy Silva, Cari Schehr, Mandy Kuekenoer and Jessica Lane.

Moto two saw Intermediate Jung grab another holeshot, over Novice Cannon, and the two riders again distanced themselves from the field en route to the wins in their respective classes. Miller led the Beginner-class charge, over Turner, Price and Hammond. The four riders engaged some tight, intense racing and daring passes. Schehr emerged from the melee to take the win over the previous week’s winner, Miller. Price grabbed the final podium spot. Hammond jammed past Didlake to garner fourth at the flag, over Didlake, Woods, Lane and Kuekenoer.

By virtue of her 2-3 score, Price took the overall, over Miller’s 5-2 tally and Hammond’s 3-4 score. Four riders tied in points in the battle for fourth, with Schehr (8-1) taking the spot, over Didlake (4-5) and Turner (1-8). Seventh overall went to Woods, followed by Silva, Lane and Kuekenoer.

The Vet class was won by former Women’s Pro rider Brenda Hannah, who came out of retirement for this race. Series leaders Laurey Cary and Heather Majcherek were both sidelined this week, Cary with a pulled groin muscle and Majcherek with pneumonia, which allowed Hannah to romp to an uncontested win.


WMN BEG: 1. Lacie Price (Yam), 2. Heather Miller (Hon), 3. Lauren Hammond (Yam), 4. Cari Schehr (Hon), 5. Lindsay Didlake (Suz), 6. Janine Turner (Yam), 7. Lauren Woods (KTM), 8. Cathy Silva (Hon), 9. Jessica Lane (Kaw), 10. Mandy Kuekenoer (Hon).

WMN NOV: 1. Taylor Cannon (Yam).

WMN INT: 1. Lauren Jung (Kaw).

WMN VET 25+: 1. Brenda Hannah (Suz).

Perris Hot Summer Nights Women’s Class – Golden’s Glory, Hammond Hammers Beginners

Perris Hot Summer Nights -Rd 6

Perris Raceway, Perris, CA, September 6, 2008

By: Debbie Matthews

Photos By: Debbie Matthews

As Moto 1 stormed off the line it was AMA Women’s National Amateur Champion Vicki Golden with the holeshot over Lindsay Didlake, Lauren Hammond, Lacie Price, Heather Miller, Weishin Wolte, Heather Majcherek, Lauren Jung, Taylor Cannon, Jessica Lane and Lisa Rolland.

As Golden checked out, Miller dropped it in a corner allowing the entire pack to scream by.  Wolte wasted little time in the melee and jammed into the point position for the beginner class over a stunned Didlake, Hammond and Price, while Majcherek held a solid fifth.  Jung meanwhile sliced through the beginner and novice riders and now ran in second behind Golden.

In the beginner class with Wolte out front, Didlake and Hammond engaged in a dogfight that would last the entire evening.   Hammond dove to the inside stealing the lead from Didlake, only to have Didlake blast the outside berm to inch back in front.  The battle raged from corner to jump with neither rider giving an inch, with Price lurking in third just waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

Wolte pulled out a commanding lead on the beginner class and was flat out gone.  As Hammond and Didlake entered lapped traffic, Didlake got balked by a lapped rider losing three seconds to Hammond and falling into the clutches of Price.

At the flag it was Golden taking the Intermediate win with Taylor Cannon taking the Novices.  Wolte led the Beginners across the line followed in quick succession by Hammond, Didlake and Price less than a second apart, as Majcherek took home fifth over Lane, Miller and Rolland.

Moto2 was again holeshot by Golden who was in her own private zip code.  Cannon was next, followed by Miller, Hammond, Price, Didlake, Majcherek, Lane, Rowland, Wolte and Jung who was riding injured.  Miller was the first to error out cross rutting, allowing Hammond, Didlake, and Price to go by.  Price zapped Didlake as the riders scattered to avoid Miller.  Wolte rebounded into 5th as Miller remounted just ahead of Majcherek.  Price surprised Hammond with a pass for the beginner lead over Didlake, Miller and Wolte.   Hammond slingshot back around Price, as Wolte stalled her bike moving Majcherek up a notch.

On the final lap Hammond held a split second lead over Price, with Miller closing the gap as Didlake and Majcherek rounded out the top 5. Price nailed the inside with a pass only to have Hammond hammer the outside to rail back into the lead.   Price set sail over the next jump as Hammond dove to the inside to set up for Suzuki hill.  Hammond’s inside move proved wiser as Price got hung up in traffic.  Miller jammed into second on the comeback ride of the century, followed by Price and Didlake.  Miller bobbled again in the ruts allowing Price to get back in the game making it an all out sprint to the finish.  Hammond put her head down and her throttle to the stops willing herself across the line over Miller by inches over Price, Didlake, Majcherek, Rolland and Wolte.

Hot Summer Nights Series-Women’s Class Results:

Intermediate: 1. Vicki Golden (Hon), 2. Lauren Jung (Kaw)

Novice: 1. Taylor Cannon (Yam)

Beginner: 1. Lauren Hammond (Yam), 2. Lacie Price (Yam), 3. Lindsay Didlake (Suz), 4. Heather Miller (Hon), 5. Weishin Wolte (Yam), 6. Heather Majcherek (Yam), 7. Jessica Lane (Yam), 8. Lisa Rolland (Suz)

80-110: 1. Taylor Cannon (Yam), 2. Kately Caskey (Hon)

Cary, Golden, Price, Falls Take Perris Hot Summer Nights-Women’s Race Wins

Perris Hot Summer Nights Women’s Coverage-Rd 7

Perris Raceway, Perris, CA, September 13, 2008

By: Debbie Matthews

Photos By: Debbie Matthews

The Women’s vet led the charge for the weekend with Heather Majcherek taking the holeshot over Brenda Hannah and Laurie Cary.  Hannah grabbed lead exiting the corner with Cary swooping around the outside dropping Majcherek to third.  Cary made a bid for the lead sweeping to the outside of Hannah and skying over the jump.  Side by side they entered the corner with Cary powered into the lead over the finish tabletop.  Majcherek began working on Hannah and the battle intensified with Majcherek exploiting Hannah with a mid air pass dropping her to third.  Hannah made an inside move, but Majcherek carried her momentum to maintain the position.  At the checkers it was Cary over Majcherek and Hannah. 

Moto 2 was again Majcherek with the Holeshot with Hannah making an outside move only to swap out with Cary in third.  Hannah made the pass stick the second time dropping Majcherek a notch.  Cary struck next passing both riders for the lead.  Hannah stalked Cary in the corners retaking the lead several times only to have Cary use her jumping ability to sail back into the lead which she held to the checkers. 

The Intermediate, Novice and Beginner divisions were next.  Intermediate Vicki Golden took the holeshot over Novice Tiana Falls, as beginners Lacie Price, Lindsay Didlake and Lauren Hammond raced bar to bar with Majcherek in fifth.  As Golden began to inch away, Falls was on a mission to stay with the LL champ as long as possible.  The battle in Third was for beginner bragging rights with Price leading the way, as Didlake, Hammond and Majcherek battled.  Hammond got a great drive pulling beside Didlake as they began to close the gap on Price.  Price made a mistake on the following lap which cost her dearly as Didlake and Hammond closed to her back wheel. 

Golden was up front in a league of her own while Falls was impressive in second.  Price was doing everything she could to run a smart mistake free race, making Didlake and Hammond do all the work trying to find a passing opportunities which were few.  Hammond drove to the outside trying to make something happen and high sided as the white flag flew.  Price took the wire to wire win finishing with a heel clicker, over Didlake, Hammond and Majcherek. 

Moto2 Falls gated sideways sliding across the field giving Golden the initial lead, but it was Falls who exited the corner first banging into Golden over Price, Didlake, Hammond and Majcherek.  Golden shot back into the lead with Falls in tow.  Price led the beginners with Didlake and Hammond engaged in a fierce battle banging off of each other with Majcherek in fifth.  Price made a mistake allowing Didlake and Hammond to close the gap.  Didlake clung to the insides forcing Hammond to take the long way around.  Hammond was all over Didlake, but it was not to be.  Golden took the win over Falls, while Price rode two nearly flawless motos to take the beginner class honors.

Hot Summer Nights Series-Women’s Class-Rd 7

Women’s 25+/Vet: 1. Laurie Cary  (Yam); 2. Brenda Hannah (Suz); 3. Heather Majcherek (Yam)

Women’s 85cc-110 Open Age: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM)

Women’s Beginner: 1. Lacie Price (Yam); 2. Lindsey Didlake (Suz); 3. Lauren Hammond (Yam); 4. Heather Majcherek (Yam

Women Novice: 1. Tiana Falls (KTM)

Women Intermediate: 1. Vicki Golden (Hon)