Virtual Trainer: Trainer Talk with...Tim Ferry

September 25, 2008 3:00pm
by Tim Crytser

To call an athlete old at the age of 33 is a ridiculous statement. Swimmer Dara Torres missed gold by 0.01 seconds at this years Olympic games; she was 41. Lance Armstrong will attempt to win an unprecedented eighth Tour De France next July; he will be 37. Older athletes are pushing the limits of what was once thought impossible by competing with kids sometimes half their age and winning! The limits placed on today's athlete is no longer bound by age as modern medicine, advanced nutrition and new, smarter training techniques have redefined what was once thought of as old. Tim Ferry is one of the "older" athletes in motocross and has been competing and winning since the early 90's. In this interview Tim explains why smarter training has been the key to his longevity and talks about what it will take for him to continue to beat the young guns of the sport as he heads into the "twilight" years of his career! (Go to to read the complete interview.)

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