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September 25, 2008 2:33pm | by:
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up.

It’s already been a year since the world descended upon Budds Creek for the 61st running of the Motocross of Nations. On that day, the motocross community witnessed Team USA issue the most sound drumming in the rich history of the event. Our guys had that track wired, especially RV Park. This time around we’re taking the fight overseas to Donington Park, England where the mighty Great Britain squad will have the advantage. Tell you what, they’ll need it. 

  • USA = GOAT
In the beginning, The Union Jack brigade held a kung fu grip around the Chamberlain trophy. Every once in a while the Belgians and the Swedes would jump in the and win one. Then came the American team of Donnie Hansen, Danny Laporte, Johnny O’Mara, and Chuck Sun. That crew caught them with their pants down and began a streak that lasted from 1981 all the way through to that miserable day in Switzerland in 1994. On that day Great Britain’s Rob Herring, Kurt Nicoll, and Paul Malin beat us fair and square. That really hasn’t happened since. And it is highly unlikely that it isn’t going to happen this time around either.

As for Donington Park. Well, folks, that place has seen more than it’s fair share of madness. The venue marked the home of the world famous Monsters of Rock concert for years. The pipes of Vince Neal, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bon Scott have been heard by hundreds of thousands of fans.

I haven’t heard much by way of patriot pride lately. That pisses me off. Every great motocross racer calls their wins at the MXoN the greatest moment of their lives. DeCoster, Hannah, Johnson, Bailey, Emig, Everts, Carmichael, Smets, or Stanton – ask them what race meant the most. Let’s get the shoulders back for the red white and blue, and get a battle cry ready for our boys. Lets get the snare drum snapping and get revved up for the 2008 MXoN!

(cue Rocky music)

  • All of the crazies come out for the MXoN
And in the red corner, from Largo Florida, we have Timmy “Red Dog” Ferry. The 1997 125 East Coast SX champion has aged like wine and rides into Donington on the heels of an astonishing come from behind performance at the aforementioned 2007 MXoN race. Ferry is one of the most experienced and battle hardened motocross riders in the world. He’ll be ready to charge like Audie Murphy when they give to call to battle.

And in the blue corner stands a house of pain by the name of James Stewart. The Czar of Gnar. The Guns of Navarone. Rick James doesn’t have crap on Bubbalicious. Look for the man with the thousand yard stare to put 'em in the hurt locker and keep 'em there.

And finally, shadow boxing in the white corner we have Ryan Villopoto. Listen closely. Hear that? That’s the echo from RV Park’s Monster Energy Pro Circuit KX250F still reverberating through the valley at Budds Creek. Jon Mitcheff is still rolling in the stretched out throttle cable from that dust up. RV stunk up the place at Steel City and you can count on him to make his last ride on a 250F one people will remember.

Who has a shot at the title? New Zealand will be tough. The Brits will be riding with national pride on their shoulders so you know they’ll be all full of fish and chips and roast beef bravado. Then along comes a spider, by way of the Ozzies. Chad Reed, Michael Byrne, and Brett Metcalfe have a very real chance to earn Australia their first ever MXoN title. Reed and James have history. Byrne can keep up with Ferry on a good day. Then, Metcalfe can pounce on Ryan if he stubs his toe.

Whatever. Bring it.{QUOTE}The coolest match I see shaping up is the much ballyhooed first look at the Bubba and RV Park battle for supremacy. Is Ryan’s speed really close to Stewart’s? Can you get around the track faster on a 250F? Will Villopoto be as fast on a 450? Ah, the plot thickens.

  • Can Donington pack this many into the 2008 event?
Now bring it in and grab a knee, damn it. You remember the first thing you memorized at school? For 95% of us, that would be the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. You know what you hear before each and every sporting event in America? The Star Spangled Banner. America is on the ropes a bit as this column hits the web. We need a little kick in the tail and what better way to get some momentum rolling than to march into Donington and lay wood? Hey, pal, I’m the epitome of a “Flag Waving American” and proud of it. Land of the free and the home of the brave, son! It’s time to chop wood.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.