New Brand of RV: Versatile, Adaptable and Efficient

People tired of the same old products and problems have found a new way of vacationing that is fun, easy, and cost effective.

American Recreational Vehicles, based in Detroit, Michigan introduces a new type of toyhauler, the Way Cool Hauler™.  The Way Cool Hauler™ RV features an exterior garage area where a second detachable toy trailer carries a boat, Jet Ski, car, motorcycle or ATV etc.  Recreational enthusiasts who have heavier toys such as boats or cars have had to take two vehicles, one to tow the RV, the second to tow the boat or car to their favorite vacation/event.  A long time logistical and increasingly costly problem for families finally has a solution.

Existing toyhaulers compromise interior living space and comfort by creating a garage area within the living space of the RV.  This poses two problems: fumes and dirt are in the RV, and the comfort of the furniture and amount of cabinetry in the garage area is reduced.  The equipment that is carried inside the RV has to have wheels and be light so not to affect handling or safety.  The Way Cool Hauler’s™ outside garage area keeps the fumes and dirt outside while having all the comforts of home inside. In addition to these features, the Way Cool Hauler’s™ patented technology makes it safe, easy and legal to tow in all states.

American Recreational Vehicles, founded by John Buday, was formed to bring a new line of products to the RV and outdoor enthusiasts.  Based on decades of RV use and sales, the Way Cool Hauler™ solves age-old towing and logistical problems while introducing superior engineering and technology to one of America’s favorite pastimes. 

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