DMXS Tonight

Weimer / Osborne / Albrecht / Lindsey / Weege / Stallo / Beams on DMXS Tonight!
DMXS Radio is back and we will open up the phone lines for our listeners to vent, yell, scream, cry, laugh, or whatever else they want to do during this motocross therapeutic session. Wait for us to drop the gate and open up the lines sometime during the show and call, 770-941-3645.
With Silly Season just about behind us, the surprises still just keep on coming. One of the moves that shocked the MX world was Zach "Six Pack" Osborne jumping over the pond to pilot the British Utag’s YZ250F in the GP’s. YOT’s problems have been well documented this year including some unwanted attention from their media darling, Jason Lawrence. Zack was ready to ride and the team wasn’t, so he gave them the "Osborne Ultimatum," and politely moved on. Zach will be checking in from England and we look forward to hearing from our good friend.
Joe Gibbs Racing’s Jeremy "J-Bone" Albrecht and the team have an entire year’s worth of experience which had to be earned. Things always look different on paper and I’m sure they will apply the lessons learned to the future. The team has signed Josh Grant and Cody Cooper for 2009, and J-Bone will break down the details tonight.
Paul "Tiger" Lindsey is well known in the pits as a former racer, team manager, and now an agent. We have known Paul for many years and his professionalism and respected reputation has been earned over those many years in the industry. He is one of the best bench-racers out there and has plenty to say about the plight of our beloved sport from his unique perspective.
Jake "Oscar Myer" Weimer made the most of his wild 2008 season. He had the speed to win some SX races and finish the outdoor season strong enough to catch Mitch Payton’s eye. That is not an easy task, but he earned a spot on the Monster Kawi/Pro Circuit team for next season. We will have him on tonight to see if we can score his employee discount on some parts.
Another Silly Season shocker was the marriage of Jason Weigandt to a lovely women way out of his league. There has not been a more lopsided trade down since the Minnesota Vikings 18 player/draft pick deal for Herschel Walker in 1989. Sure, we love him to death, but still! Jason did do the right thing and take her last name, so his legal name is now Jason Weigandt-Guadalupe-Fernando-Corona-Salcido....or just Poncho for short. Welcome back on the show, Poncho. is the standard in amateur motocross coverage and that gang is always looking to make it better. One of the genius minds behind the operation is Brent Stallo. Big Brent will join us tonight for an update on their site and the plans for the Mini O’s just a few weeks out.’s Robb Beams is a popular guest on our show for his insightful training and nutrition segments. He has some new and exciting things planned for his site that will include a free newsletter that you can sign up for with a wealth of knowledge from actual real-world training. I’m sure Kevin will be eating donuts during Robb’s segment, but the rest of us will be paying attention.
We want to send out our best wishes to Blair Morgan. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Don’t forget to make plans to attend Red Bull’s Metallicross on Saturday, November 1, 2008 in downtown Atlanta. Red Bull always brings the heat and this event is no different. Check out for more information on this unique race.
Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST