WORCS Notebook: Down to the Wire

As I sat in the control room at PG&E on I-5 in Buttonwillow, Ca on a Sunday afternoon, I anxiously awaited my text messages from WORCS cinematographer Cuyler Ruskin on lap updates. See it was my time to work weekend shift at the normal job, so I had to sit out Rd #9 of the World Off-Road Championship series held at Honeylake, Ca, just 70 miles north of Reno, NV. I had it planned to receive lap updates every 20 minutes from the track. So after tuning in the Radier game to happily watch them get destroyed by Buffalo (I’m a San Diego fan true and true), I began bench racing at noon straight up.

Factory KTM/Red Bull’s Justin Soule grabs the Kal Gard $500 holeshot, Bonds, Woods, Caselli, Wiegand in tow, DIETRICH down in first turn. “What are you kidding me, is that what the Blackberry just posted?” After doing a double check, in fact that was the case. Now pace was set and I was looking at a 2 hour race that would go by faster than a 30 minute outdoor moto.

12:30 pm:
Bonds in lead, Woods, Huffman and Summers running third was the text that I read. I knew that Woods would run really well here. Nathan Woods owns Honeylake. He has 2 previous wins in a row from 2006 & 2007 and when I read what Cuyler had laid down, I knew this was his day and the race would now be between Bonds, Dietrich and Caselli if I had to guess.

Sure enough, “Bonds in lead, Woods now 2nd, Huffman, Caselli running 3 & 4.” I couldn’t figure out what had went down, but it now the whole points thing was starting to run through my mind. Math was starting to calculate in the noggin and I was picturing another race that I would get to call at Honolulu Hills which was a down to the wire race between Ricky Dietrich and Bobby Garrison at Mesquite, NV in 2006. In case you weren’t there, I think it went something like this.

“Out of the canyon comes Dietrich and Garrison, Garrison goes to the inside and checks Dietrich up. WOW- I can’t believe we have came down to this. Dietrich the privateer aboard the Carter Powersports Vegas ride can see his Championship ride ahead of him. Factory Yamaha Zip Ty pilot- Bobby Garrrison will lead them into the Motocross section, Garr---- oh wow, Dietrich rails the outside and makes the pass. Now its Dietrich with Garrison in tow. Here they come 5th gear tapped down Pro pits. There side by side, Dietrich will exit pro pits first, make the turn and Ricky Dietrich has won the 2006 Pro World Off-Road Championship series.” - Jason Reed

I remember it like it was yesterday. Ok- back to the Honeylake race. Bonds, leading, where is Dietrich?

1:45pm: Woods back around in lead, Bondo crashed, he has remounted back into second, Huffman third Caselli 4th. I’m now going literally nuts as Cuyler is texting me updates like I’m watching it on my Mitsubishi 62” LCD at home. Very clear results are coming through from Ruskin.

2:00pm: It’s over J. Woods wins by a minute, Bonds second, Dietrich third, Caselli fourth and Huff Daddy finishes 5th.

I was amazed. I couldn’t believe I had missed such a great race and knew being a fan, It had to be 100% better to watch in person. Now we will go to Taft where Ricky Dietrich will carry a 4 point lead over Bonds. Oh yeah- In case your wondering how close it will be? WORCS Pro point system goes a little something like this....

1st- 30
2nd- 25
3rd- 21
4th- 18

WORCS Racing will once again see a Championship that will come down to the wire. Reminiscent of the 2006 Championship that was known as the Ricky/Bobby show, this time its Bonds and not Garrison. Sunday morning, Oct. 19th at noon, if your anywhere but on Pro pit row in Taft, Ca at Honolulu Hills Raceway your missing out!

See you there!

Jason Reed
WORCS Racing