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Tim Ferry was selected for the third (fourth if you count the cancelled 2002 MXDN) time to represent his country at the Olympics of Motocross, otherwise known as the Motocross des (not calling it “of”) Nations. The man known as “Red Dog” has fulfilled one of his career goals, as he once told me that riding for America would be the ultimate. Coming off a pretty good year where he was the winner of the FGNNJS award (First Guy Not Named James Stewart) in the nationals and was in third in the SX points before missing a few races with an injury. I called him up after the 2009 Kawasaki 450 intro in Tennessee, but before he started the annual Kawasaki dealer meeting in Dallas. This is the uncut 14 minute interview, think of it kind of like a DVD bonus section where you see the deleted scenes.

Racer X: So Timmy, are you looking forward to going over to England and defending America’s honor like you’ve done so many times?
Timmy Ferry: Yes, I am actually. I’m been preparing a lot for this race since Steel City. Well, I took a week off after Steel City, but other than that I’m ready. There’s been no supercross riding, no play riding or anything. Just motos.

What are you thoughts about the track and the possibly of bad weather?
Well, the weather could be a big issue I think. For one, it’s going to be cold and that’s going to be an obstacle for us. We’ve been racing in 80 degree weather or more sometimes. I think that track looks great, they sent us a DVD of the GP last year and I think it looks awesome. Hopefully it stays dry and we can race that same track. Watching that track makes me want to do a season of GP’s after I’m done here, only while I’m still fast and younger than forty. 

I can come back and be your mechanic because I’ve always wanted to do them also.
Yeah, sure that’ll be fun. Will you complain all the time about being underappreciated?

Yes I will. Anyways I like your chances of winning over there, and I see that you’re riding the MX3 class, have you checked who else is in your class?
You know I have actually. I’ve been checking it out and looking at the entry lists. Michael Byrne is in my class and he was hauling at the end of the year. I think Steve Ramon is in my class also, for some reason he’s in MX3 when he was in MX1 last year. Also that guy Nicolas Aubin is in my class, from France and then there’s somebody else in there that caught my eye. I forget who. {QUOTE}
What about the Canadians? Are you concerned about them at all?
I’m just hoping the Canadians don’t take me out again! (Ed note: At the World Cup in 2002, Blair Morgan accidently landed on him and Ferry holds it against me for some reason.)

Is there any way that this race could top last year’s held in America MXDN? That had to be the ultimate for a rider I’m sure.
Yeah it’s definitely going to be hard to top that for sure. I guess I’m looking at it like its just one individual race and not comparing it to anything. Last year was unbelievable, what we did as far as the results and the fans that came out from all over the world. It’s hard to beat that for me, especially at Budds Creek because I love that track. That’s my favorite track.

As long as we win and do our job, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter how much we win by or who does what, we just gotta get the job done for our country. We have to go over there and put our name back on that trophy.

Well, I’m sure you’re just being nice but there’s no way either of these races could top 2003 at Zolder MXDN when I was your mechanic.
Oh my god, Zolder was a nightmare! I can’t even believe they called that a track.

Well you’re one and one right now with MXDN, you need to get a winning record.
Yeah, I want to leave this deal with two out of three. Zolder was not good for me starting from the very first lap of practice when I crashed and bent my thumb back and that bothered me for a year. I had to get surgery on it and every time before the surgery when I cased something and the pain shot through me, I thought of Zolder.

Yeah it was super cool to be there, but I also don’t have great memories of that race. It was kind of the last MXDN before everybody got back onboard the USA wagon with all the support.
Yeah for sure. And Beeker, who was at Thor at the time, and I’m going to throw him under the bus right now, gave me vented gear for a race in Belgium in October. It was actually snowing in the morning of the practice and I was freezing so bad. That was the start of it. Oh, and remember when fans were trying to steal my gear bag and all the parts?

Yes, how could I forget? When do you leave for England?
I leave Tuesday.

Is there going to be time for you to see anything over there? Anything you are planning to do?
I just want to see the track! I want to go there and see it when it’s dry. Not that we can’t ride it when it’s muddy, it just looks great. I kept hearing how it looked like Daytona and this and that. Dude, it’s way better than Daytona!

I did book our flight out on Tuesday after the race, so maybe on that Monday, Evie and I can go and see some things. I suppose it depends on the race and what happens there. If it’s anything like Budds Creek, where you guys and you specifically were a little out of hand, it could be a late night!

Well, I was celebrating the American victory, all the other countries were happy that America won also. Otherwise, nobody would’ve thrown a party.
Yeah, well you are North American so maybe that works. No, serious, I’m hoping to get out on Monday and see stuff. I have no idea what’s there but there’s gotta be something I want to see. Maybe that clock or something. I’m also excited that they speak English; it’ll be easy to get around. I also just found out two days ago that they drive on the other side of the road, that didn’t register with me. I wasn’t in that mindset yet.

Have you talked to any of your teammates yet? Any sort of pre-race meetings or calls?
No, haven’t talked to any of them actually. Ryan is going to be here this weekend for the Kawasaki dealer meeting so I guess I’ll see him. I don’t even have James’ phone number, maybe you can give it to me?

No, I’m not authorized to give that number out, sorry. What about your bike being a bit detuned for over there?
That’s not going to be an issue, I raced with the quieter muffler already at the last national and it’s all good, that won’t be a problem. I know we’re going to go riding on Thursday over there, so we’ll figure anything out right there. I’m not too concerned.

What other countries do you think are going to be up there?
I think Australia is going to be tough. Belgium is going to be good as always, but I’ve never heard of their MX2 guy so I’m not sure about him. Just because I’ve never heard of him doesn’t mean he won’t be quick though. There are some guys that have passed me over in Europe that I have no idea who they are. That’s what I’m thinking anyways. I watched the race the other night and wanted to see who was fast on that track. Mike Brown was very fast but he’s American so that’s ok. He rode pretty good at that race.

I think it’s going to depend on starts and weather. When it rains, there’s always a whole new bunch of guys that can go fast. I guess we’ll see.

I’m going over there to cheer you on, I bet you can’t wait.
Yeah, that’s going to be cool. Are you going to hang out with us or the Canadians?

Depends on who is doing the best after the first moto.
So you’ll be in our pits then. I looked at the Canadian team already and I know that Dusty Klatt is in my class. See, I follow this stuff. Facciotti is in MX1 and there’s a Medaglia brother in the MX2. You guys would be better if you got the Rollerball I think.  

You know what’s weird is that a couple of teams have a couple of really strong riders that are going to be good, but you don’t know about their third guy. New Zealand will be good also, Cody Cooper is fast and Coppins is good. Dang it, I forgot about them, they’ll be good also. They’ve never done that good at this race but they’re going to be strong. If Townley wasn’t hurt, it would be a great race. Also, I read your thing on Racer X about the Ryder Cup race and I don’t agree with it, I just don’t know about your theory about the Americans vs the Europeans and stuff.

Well genius, it wasn’t me that wrote that, it was DC and I’ll pass it on. See you at the US Open?
Yeah, tell him then.I don’t think I'll be at the Open, we’re not ready to go there yet. I haven’t done any supercross riding yet and I just want to take a break. Everybody’s been asking me that but doesn’t look like it, I just haven’t practiced SX. I might come out to watch, but with the new bike we’re not going to be ready, and to tell you the truth, I’m not going to be ready. Man, I’ve been fired up about this MXDN. After Steel City ended I marked it on the calendar and it was almost a month before it. I’ve never had a month to get ready for a race. I’ve been training and everything I’ve been doing now is going to help me for SX as well. I need to get my sx track built up here when I get back.

What about the Chicken vs Bradshaw race at the open? Who’s your money on?
Dude, I don’t know. I’ve been fired up about that since I heard about it! It’s hard to believe they still hold a rivalry after all these years. I don’t know who’s going to win, I think they quit riding roughly at the same time, it’s a tough call really. I thought Mike Larocco was going to kill them last year, he had just quit not too long ago, but he didn’t beat them by much.

If I had to bet, I’m going to have to go with Damon, but it’ll be close.