This Week's Birthdays

September 21, 2008 5:00pm | by:
  • Warren Reid
  • Kyle Lewis
  • Mitch Payton
  • Zach Osborne
  • Bob Hannah
  • Jeremy Stenberg
September 22: Privateer Josh Woods

September 22: Warren Reid was one of the fastest men in California in the 1970s, back when pretty much every fast American motocross rider came from California. He started as an FMF Honda rider, became a Honda factory rider and then became a factory Kawasaki man. His one breakthrough win was a 125 National in Escoheag, Rhode Island, back in 1978. The Westminster, CA, rider finished the series sixth that year. He also ran fourth in 1977 behind Broc Glover, Bob Hannah and Danny LaPorte. He was also sixth in '76, again finishing one spot behind Glover. Today Reid works for American Honda.


September 23: Kyle Lewis had a career that lasted over 20 years. Lewis won his first 125 supercross at the age of seventeen and then went on to win two Japanese motocross championships as well.

September 24: DeCal Works' Russ McMahon

September 24: Racer X/Road Racer X's Editor-in-Chief Davey Coombs

September 24: Monster/Pro Circuit's Team Manager/Owner Mitch Payton has put in his time over the years with long hours, hard work, and dedication. He not only builds the best bikes on the circuit but he knows how to get the most out of his riders. Payton has won 158 AMA races and 23 AMA championships. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

September 24: Freelance Photographer Frank Hoppen

September 24: Asterisk's Eddie Casillas

September 25: After a couple of years on the US circuit Zach Osborne has decided to try his hand across the pond. Osbourne has secured a ride with the British Utag Yamaha team for the 2009 FIM MX2 World Championship.

September 26: Bob “Hurricane” Hannah is a seven-time MX and SX Champion.  In his 15-year career, Hannah became the all-time win leader in AMA motocross/supercross history, having won 70 AMA races during his career. That record stood until Jeremy McGrath broke it in 1999.
September 26: DeCal Work’s Cory Schrieber
September 27: Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg is one of the best freestyle motocross riders in the world. Twitch has made a name for himself over the years by going head to head with the likes of Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana and is always a favorite to take gold at the X Games.

September 27: David’s little brother, Mitchell Bailey

September 28: Maxima’s  Danny Massie