11th Annual MotoXtremes Open House on October 4th

Come celebrate the 11th open house with Kevin and the rest of the MotoXtremes crew. 

MotoXtremes is one of the largest DC Shoes dealers in the nation and is located about fifteen minutes west of Cincinnati, OH.  There will be food and non-stop entertainment including freestyle motocross, live bands and awesome deals in the store! Travis Pastrana, Dustin Miller, and Adam Jones will be on hand signing autographs and hanging out for the day.

T he MotoXtremes open house is being presented by DC Shoes and Riders For Christ.

For more info contact MotoXtremes at:
MotoXtremes | 28081 Peartree Lane | West Harrison, IN 47060
PH :(812) 637-2255 | Fax :(812) 637-1105