Trey Canard Update


Injury:   Broken Leg (Femur)
Where:  Washougal MX Park
Date of Injury: 7/27/2008
Official Website: Recovery Update:

Trey went to the doctor last Wednesday and was released from his crutches.  He is so happy to be walking again! He's been working very hard for the last 6 weeks, going to rehab, doing different therapies, and doing what Greg (EfitnessAcademy) his trainer prescribes for him.  He's been drinking Rapid Response and following a very strict diet.  Other than one incident on a Utility Vehicle, he's been doing everything he's supposed to do to heal and get back on the bike.   At this time we do not know what Supercross Coast Trey will be racing as it depends on the recovery time and rehab. 

We appreciate everyone who is a fan, each and every one of you!

Kari Canard
(Trey’s Mother)