Chad Reed on Mike Alessi's Crash

Over on his website blog, Chad Reed talked about his new Rockstar/Makita Suzuki teammate Mike Alessi's unfortunate accident yesterday at the Suzuki SX track, which left #800 in the hospital with a broken leg. Here's what Chad, a witness to the crash, wrote (with small edits to clean it up):

"As most of you have probably read online that Alessi got hurt today which sucks as he only just got back from his ugly crash at redbud!" wrote the 22. "It was a pretty bad crash but could of been really bad; he got off better than it could of been! I started jumping this quad in a combo section and he tried it (I told him not to try it!) and he came up short and went flying off the berm and landed on his feet, breaking his lower tib-fib! It's a real bummer and I hope he makes a speedy recovery!"

To read more, and also check out how the AMA Supercross #1's new gig at Suzuki is going, check out: