MDK/MediaZone/Warthog Racing Recap

When all was said and done, the MDK/MediaZone/Warthog Racing Academy team had a run during the AMA Nationals that left an indelible mark on the record books.

No other team in history has ever tried to support even 10 riders in the course of the series. MDK/MediaZone/Warthog Racing Academy knew that there were more than 10 deserving privateers that needed massive support to compete in the series so an audacious goal was set to help TWENTY FIVE riders during the series.

The team not only met that goal but exceeded it, ending up with 26 riders total, comprising 21 men and 5 WMA women.

The MDK/MediaZone/Warthog Racing riders were:

Ryan J. Abrigo
Jeff Alessi
Chris Blose
Tyler Bright
Kyle B. Cunningham
Vince A. Friese
Sean L. Hackley
Tye M. Hames
Rodney Honberger
Michael R. Horban
Sean Kranyak
Jase A. Lewis
Michael A. McDade
Kyle Partridge
Kevin D. Rookstool
Cole T. Siebler
Ryan N. Smith
Stephen R. Stella
Kevin M. Urquhart

Mariana Balbi
Taylor Miller

The team also helped out:

Adam B. Chatfield
Sean T. Collier

Sherri Cruse
Tatum Sik
Sarah Whitmore

The riders went out and performed spectacularly on the track. Highlights for the season were:

96 main events total – a record that will probably never be broken
Jeff Alessi finished 8th Overall in the Motocross class and was second privateer
Kyle Cunningham finished 7th Overall in the Lites class and was top privateer
Mariana Balbi finished 6th Overall in the WMA series
At some events, team riders made up almost 20% of the gate in the Motocross class

In addition, Chris Blose, Sean Collier, Tyler Bright, Tye Hames, Jase Lewis, Kyle Partridge, Kevin Rookstool, and Vince Friese all put in several top 20 rides as well as a few 10 finishes.

  • Chris Blose
  • Jeff Alessi
  • Kevin Rookstool
  • Ryan Smith
  • Tyler Bright
These privateer warriors beat several factory riders week in and week out, showing that they certainly deserved to be there.

An operation of this scope and magnitude represented by the MDK/MediaZone/Warthog Racing Academy didn’t happen magically – it took a lot of hard work by dozens of committed volunteers.

First off, there was Darrell Saldana, Team Race Director, grinding it out in the trenches every weekend. As problems arose, Darrell was always there with a solution that allowed the team to continue on.

Then there was Stitch, the team’s Crew Chief (and Chris Blose’s mechanic), who worked himself to the bone to give everyone of these kids a chance to compete on the track. Stitch just got down to business and made things happen.

And probably most helpful to the team was the support provided by the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute Internship program. MMI provided over 40 skilled technicians that helped with everything, including pit setup and tear down as well as servicing more race bike than you can shake a stick at. Well done MMI!!

Said Scott Kandel, Chief Altruistic Officer of Warthog Racing, “I’m proud of what the whole team accomplished this year in the outdoor series. Everyone – volunteers, sponsors, partners, promoters -- pulled together to make it happen. Frankly, I’m astounded by the success we had this year.”

Special thanks to John Ayers and the NPG for accommodating us so well and to the major sponsors that were with us week in and week out – MDK Motorsports, MDK Speed, MediaZone Moto, DeCal Works, Smooth Industries, MMI, Transworld Motocross, RacerX,, GoProCameras, The Plumber Inc., Xtream Clean, and Round Wheels. With this fine group, anything is possible.

MDK/Warthog Racing Academy is now accepting applications to tryout for the 2009 Supercross team. If you know of a privateer in need of support that has what it takes to make it as a professional Supercross racer, please send an e-mail to or call 213 268-2659.

Also, we are recruiting sponsors and partners for the 2009 Supercross and Outdoor series. We give the most exposure for the least amount of money. Sponsors and Partners should contact Scott Kandel at 213 268-2659 or for more details. We have great plans for 2009 that will rock the house!! Be part of it!!

We look forward to seeing you all at Anaheim 1 on Jan 3rd, 2009!!

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Warthog Racing (WR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross. WR is comprised of two distinct entities: the not for profit Warthog Racing Academy, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at supporting the privateers; and Warthog Enterprises (WE), which focuses on merchandise and entertainment products. The WR website is at

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Synergy Racing Technologies would like to acknowledge the continued support of its partners: Warthog Racing, MDK, MediaZone Moto, P-LoK, DeCal Works, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Smooth Industries, ,, AXO, RXR Protect, PowerStart Laptimers, Xtream Clean, Stomp Grip, United Martial Arts, Pivot Works/Hotcams, Round wheels. Special thanks to the NPG for supporting our vision. Each of these great companies shares a common belief -- supporting programs aimed at helping to progress the sport we love. Synergy Racing Technologies welcomes you to "Support those that support the Sport!"