Racer X Virtual Trainer: PJ Larsen Interview


PJ Larsen has had a very successful amateur career winning championships at all of the top events including the coveted Motocross A-Pro Sport class at Loretta Lynn's. One of his strong points has always been his physical conditioning. Now that he has moved to the professional ranks a whole new set of challenges face him including new bikes, new tracks, faster riders, and soon a new place to live. These changes can often times be more than a new rider can handle and the last thing a rookie needs is more pressure by being out of shape. PJ has always taken his training seriously having hired Coach Seiji to guide him through his amateur career. Now that PJ has three outdoor Nationals under his belt, we decided to give him a call and see how his transition to the pros is working out and if his amateur training program is good enough for the big time. This is what he had to say!

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