Between the Motos: Marc De Reuver

August 20, 2008 9:47am | by:
This weekend, Marc De Reuver will try something so difficult that few top riders try it in this day and age: He's left one competitive circuit to spend one weekend on the other side of the world, in another tough series. With the help of Team Honda in America, and with the blessing of his GOP sponsor Martin Honda, the man known as Calimero on the message boards will ride Ben Townley's Honda Red Bull Racing CRF450R this weekend at the Southwick round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships. De Reuver, a highly-regarded sand rider from the Netherlands, will go up against the likes of James Stewart, Tim Ferry, Andrew Short, Ivan Tedesco, Cody Cooper, Michael Byrne, Broc Hepler and more, on one of America's toughest racetracks. That's a tall order, and we're pumped to have the likable GP star here to compete. We caught up with him via email while trying to help him and his temporary mechanic Craig Behl find a place to ride in Massachusetts.

Racer X: Marc, welcome back to America. When did you arrive and what have you been doing?
Marc De Reuver: I arrived Saturday night. I had a little problem cause my suspension got stuck in customs. Since it's the factory suspension I was quite nervous about it. But they sent it to the hotel so I was happy with that. Monday I went to New York to do some sightseeing with my mechanic. I enjoyed it, but man, it was so crowded there. I only see that in Japan before. Hot as well, but we had a great time!

  • Marc De Reuver is coming to Southwick
  • De Reuver is a sand specialist
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We were all a little confused when we heard you landed on Saturday, because you showed up in the Monday Wakeup Call winning a big race in Balen, Belgium.... Why in the world did they hold a race there on Friday afternoon?
Well, the 15 of August is a national holiday in Belgium (Mother's day), so it doesn't matter what day it is. They run that race for 60 years on the same date I think!

Okay, so why Southwick, right at the end of our series and the Grand Prix series?
Why not? I really like to race here. When our calendar came out and I saw that Southwick was a free weekend, I immediately made arrangements and try to make it happen to race there!

I think you should be commended for taking the effort, the expense, and just the whole chance traveling across the world to race one time. Who is helping you here in the states to get around?
First of all Paolo Martin, my team manager who gave me the permission to ride. If he said no, I wouldn't even be here. I would like to thank him for that. My manager Bob Moore (of WMG) made almost everything happen. He got in contact with Honda USA and Erik Kehoe and set the whole thing up for me!

How has Honda Red Bull Racing team been?

Really nice! Like I said, Erik Kehoe gave all the support to get me here. Ben Townley's mechanic (Craig Behl) is helping me as well, I still know him really well from when he stayed in Europe. So that is cool to see him again. The bike looks really nice and I am pumped to get out there and race!

Did you know that #154 was once Carey Hart's AMA National number?
No I didn't! I had to get an AMA license. Carey Hart is the first who ever performed a backflip, so that is nice!

You did an interview recently where you called James Stewart "Superman," and there aren't a lot of folks out there this summer that would disagree. What about the possibility of beating the rest of the Americans? Because I don't think that is bragging or impossible -- you really are one of the best sand riders on the planet!
I do love the sand, that is a fact. I recently throw away the GP win at Lommel with a stupid crash just before the end. James is gonna be very difficult to beat I think. I do my best to stay with him a couple of laps. You never know, but for winning, that is something impossible I think. The rest of the guys I think I can give them some
work. It depends on many things of course. Do I get the start? All things like that. Crashing wouldn't help either!

What overall finish would you be happy with leaving Southwick?
I wanna be at the podium for sure man!

Good luck this weekend, Marc, and thanks for coming.