Good Grief! Charlie Brown & Snoopy on the Cover of a Motorcycle Magazine?

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (August 11, 2008) – In a departure from traditional motorcycle magazine covers, which tend to feature berms and big air, motocross publication Racer X Illustrated has rolled out a commemorative collector’s-edition cover for its October 2008 issue featuring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang riding cartoon dirt bikes. It’s a direct frame-capture from the classic animated movie You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, which appeared on CBS and won an Emmy in 1975.

Penned by Craig Schulz, son of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz and a lifelong motocross racer, the story tells the tale of the weeklong series of newspaper strips that showcased Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang racing motocross. The strips ran in almost every newspaper in the United States and would later become the subject of the Peanuts half-hour TV special You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown.

“This was such a cool opportunity for us,” said Bryan Stealey, Managing Editor for Racer X Illustrated. “Not only do we get to feature the most beloved cartoon characters of all time – Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s alter-ego “Joe Motocross” – on the cover of Racer X, but Craig Schulz tells a story about the time when motocross was really taking hold here in the U.S. and new-bike sales were at an all-time high.”

Running his iconic jagged-stripe sweater as a race jersey – and a pumpkin for a makeshift helmet - Charlie Brown rumbles across the Racer X cover along with the always-determined Snoopy (running the #1 plate) and the ever-present bird, Woodstock. The artwork tees up a fantastic story by Schulz, himself a motocross racer for the better part of four decades.

“I can’t begin to explain what a pleasure it was to write this story for Racer X,” said Schulz. “This brought back memories from some of the best times of my life, the halcyon days of motocross for me – a sport I still hold very close to this day.”

Note: You can catch Craig Schulz online on DMXS Radio ( this Wednesday, August 13, from 8-11 p.m. (EST) discussing the feature as well as his life as a motocrosser.

The Racer X Charlie Brown commemorative issue, already on the doorsteps of subscribers, hits newsstands on August 26.

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