Hamblin Hurt

Yamaha's Sean Hamblin went down awkwardly in the opening practice at Red Bud. As he was following his teammate Josh Hill over LaRocco's Leap (which Hill jumped, but Hamblin didn't), Hamblin attempted to scrub the jump and double it, when he caught his toe on the face of the jump and was ripped off of the back of the bike, going down pretty hard.


Photo: Steve Cox

Hamblin was very slow in getting up and has a dislocated right shoulder.
"I was telling everyone, 'My shoulder's out. Please put it back,' but they weren't listening," Hamblin said. "I just wanted them to put it back quickly."

Hamblin says he will be getting a specialized cold compress from the Asterisk crew and treating his shoulder overnight, and he will be back tomorrow to attempt to race.

"I can't really afford not to," Hamblin said. "I have to try."