250 Words: Lakewood Lites

June 30, 2008 8:36am | by:
  • The chase was on!
One time in school I heard the phrase “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary,” and I think that applies to what just happened in Lakewood, Colorado. History was made because the race was held under the lights, and maybe that added to the extraordinary race we saw in the second Lites moto. Honda’s Josh Grant, entering his first race of the year, grabbed the second-moto holeshot and began to ride away from the pack. First-moto winner and Lites juggernaut Ryan Villopoto was in ninth, then sixth, then he was in second and charging hard to catch the talented Grant.

The chase was on! Just to add to the drama, these two racers had engaged in a fierce battle in practice the day before, which cumulated in a confrontation at the end of practice. Grant, no shrinking violet and RV, the heir to the throne, gave the crowd a great battle; just when it looked like Ryan made the pass, JG stuck it back in there and rode the champ to the outside in a turn. If there were fireworks it would’ve been easy to spot on this night, but the two rivals kept it to good, clean racing. Yes, Villopoto would grab the moto win, but Grant showed everybody that he’s back and can ride with the champ.

Years from now, the people who were there may not remember this battle, but they will remember that they were part of history, and it was extraordinary indeed.