Rick "Super Hunky" Siemen Needs Our Help


Rick has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, for the second time. Due to many unforeseen events, Rick is in need of funding to help pay medical bills that keep coming his way.

Most of you already know Rick's very significant place within our great motorcycle industry - for those individuals, I'll get right to the point in how you can help Rick "Super Hunky" Siemen.

There are FIVE ways to help Rick, and each way the money goes right to Rick.

1. Go to his website SuperHunky.com and buy his books, CD's, posters and other collectible items. If you haven't read his book 'Monkey Butt' you ought to.

2. Buy Rick's 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross. (being sold for Rick by a friend).

3. I know not everybody has a PayPal account but if you do, a donation can be sent to Rick via https://www.paypal.com/ Simply click on 'Send money to your friends and relatives'. Enter Rick's email address: superhunky@gmail.com

4. Mail a donation directly to Rick Siemen. (this is his NEW address in Arizona)

Rick Siemen
36607 West Cosa Blanca St.
Maricopa, AZ. 85238

5. Forward this email on to a few of your friends, and let the spirit of goodwill guide you.