Remaining Ponca City Qualifiers

There are seven regions across the USA with two event qualifiers remaining where riders can race in order to qualify for the NMA Grand National Motocross Championship in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The NMA system requires the racer participate in a minimum of two events and finish in the top 12 in the classes they choose, based on the total results of their region.
The regions where riders can still qualify are:

Arizona, Pynne Johnson    
6/20 Verde Valley, Cottonwood, AZ    
6/21 Verde Valley, Cottonwood, AZ   

Northeast. Erv Braun     
6/21 Frozen Ocean, Auburn, NY    
6/22 Frozen Ocean, Auburn, NY    

Northwest, Lisa Weeck
6/21 Washougal, WA
6/22 Washougal. WA

Ohio, Jim Altier
6/28 TV Land. Pierpont, OH
6/29 TV Land, Pierpont, OH

Texas, Richard White
6/21 Austin/DelValle, DelValle,TX
6/22 Highlands MX Park, Crosby, TX

Utah, Ben Williams
6/21 Hot Springs, Ogden, UT
6/22 Hot Springs, Ogden, UT

Western 1, Ron Henricksen
6/22 Cahuilla Crk., Anza, CA
6/28 Perris Raceway, Perris, CA