Zoo MX Schools

June 13, 2008 9:05am

Zoo Racing Ministries founder Steve Shippy has teamed up with Ray Sommo, legendary motocross racer, as one of the instructors for the Zoo MX school’s. Our goal is to help racers and riders to achieve all they desire whether it be racing, jumping, or trail riding .

School schedule as follows:
June 15th  Milestone mx park.
June 21st  Competitive edge mx park .
July 6th  Milestone mx park.
July 12th  Lake Elsinore mx park.
July 13th  Starwest mx park,

Call for midweek appointments.
Office: 949-369-1296 
Cell: 949-212-5269

Ray Sommo - 20 year factory Honda R&D test rider, 20 year AMA Pro, lowest AMA number 21.
1983 AMA Minni-cycle champion stock class, 14-15, expert Lorretta Lynn’s.

1985-87  Top 10 125cc Supercross.
1987-93  Top 20  250cc Supercross.
1994   Canadian 125cc and 250cc Motocross champion.
1995   Greece Supercross  champion.
1996-06  Factory Honda test rider.
2007   Oakley Surfercross champion.
2007  Vintage world champion.
2008  AMA Glen Helen Race of champions 16th

Ray Sommo

Past and present test rider:
Honda R&D
Racer X
Motocross Action
Dirt Bike

Call for mx schools at Office #: 949-369-1296  Cell #: 949-212-5269

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Alpinestars   Scott
FMF    Thor
Oakley    Dunlop