Racer X Inter-Am Series Update

Round 2 of the Racer X Inter-Am Series and Round 4 of HAMMER & TONGS.

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Pacific Northwest Vintage Motocross is more a scene than a club, which is its primary strength. The sole mission is to KEEP VINTAGE MOTOCROSS CHEAP, EASY AND FUN. But wait- WHAT IS VINTAGE MOTOCROSS? What counts as Vintage? What counts as Evolution?

The main aspect is that guys get to race the bikes they remember having (or wanting) as young riders. Now they can relive those years, race those bikes, and have a BLAST!

Vintage is 1974 or before, and Evolution is 75 to 80. The Classes are based on engine size, or rider age with a few classes like 4-Stroke, Women, and an XR75 Class for kids. We race during Wintertime with VDR (Vintage Dirt Racing NW) and during Summer at the Hammer & Tongs Series. New riders constantly remark how DECENT everyone is, and that in the throes of the insanity that often accompanies the new racer, people who they had never seen or met came out of the woodwork to help them work on their bikes, loan them tools, or even their own race bikes. And Vintage Motocross is about the experience, not about winning. Come check it out!