Racer X Virtual Trainer

Motocross racers are a tough bunch. Tell them that they need to train more and they will usually train themselves into the ground. Sometimes the problem isn't training too little but actually training too much; or more specifically not allowing for adequate recovery between workouts. 

In this article, Coach Seiji explains why a good recovery program is an integral part of a good training program. He spells it all out with a Layman's description of the training cycle, offers suggestions on when to take a day off, and explains how to implement recovery workouts. He goes on to offer practical methods on how to recover immediately following a race, weekly through your training cycle, and then puts it all together for the training year. So the next time you are taking it easy on the couch, tell your wife or parents to back-off; Coach Seiji says it's time to rest! Go to www.racerxvt.com to read the complete article.