Shaun Palmer Wins Crossover @ Hangtown

Palmer smokes the field on a two-stroke while buddy David Pingree (Racer X) wins the Java Monster Media Throw Down title & a set of Nordica skis!

CORONA, Calif., (June 2, 2008) – Pro athletes from the action sports world took to the legendary Prairie City SVRA motocross track – aka Hangtown – this past Saturday for the seventh annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw down, to decide who’s the fastest motocrosser amongst the field of snowboarders, skateboarders, skiers, BMXers, mountain bikers and wakeboarders, while also providing a venue for the industry magazine editors and staff to show off their MX skills. 

And to no one’s surprise it was action sports icon, Monster Energy’s own Shaun Palmer, who took the overall athlete title with the convincing 1-1 overall win.
“Best holeshot I’ve pulled in my life,” said Palmer following the second moto. “Gotta thank Mitch Payton (Pro Circuit) for that one.”
Joining Palmer on the 37-man first gate (athlete) podium was BMXer Aaron Cooke (2nd) and cross country runner Kevin Barda (3rd). The second gate (same moto), again reserved for motocross industry media members, was won by Racer X’s David Pingree, with Dirt Rider’s Jimmy Lewis (2nd) and Chris Denison (3rd) rounding out the podium.
“We always have a blast coming up here to race at Hangtown,” said Denison. “The Dirt Diggers are the best hosts – and we roll up with pretty much our entire staff. The Monster crossover at Hangtown is mandatory at Dirt Rider.”
In the opening moto it was two-time Olympian and America’s greatest downhill ski racer of all-time, Daron Rahlves, that pulled the holeshot and led early. Palmer, who led about the first 50 feet, had the front wheel get up out of the dirt on him and he had to back ‘er down a click in order so as not to lose control. Cooke would catch Rahlves a couple turns later to take the lead, then was soon passed by Palmer – who would extend his lead through the checkers of the three-lap contest on Hangtown’s pro track. Snowboarder Ian Price would join Cooke (2nd) and Palmer (1st) on the first moto podium while Rahlves would finish a strong 5th.
“Palm’s legit fast,” said Cooke. “The fact that we were all on four strokes and he was running a two-stroke 250 only adds to his legend.”
In the media class Pingree overcame a slight wreck to lap back up to the top ten in a 40-racer first gate. The bobble did however allow local pro Scott Davis the chance to catch and pass Pingree. Note: Davis played the ‘rabbitt’ role in the event, showing some of the less experienced racers the kind of speed a pro motocrosser can generate – even while coming through the pack in a three lap moto.
The second moto was all Palmer as the Monster Energy athlete grabbed what he called a “Carmichael-like” holeshot on his Pro Circuit-tuned Honda CR250. With Palmer gone within a lap, Cooke, Price and Barda would break away and put on a great show for the fans with Barda grabbing 2nd to Palmer, edging a charging Cooke (3rd) at the finish.
“My arms pumped up a bit and it was all I could do to hold off Aaron,” said the 41-year-old Barda. “Track was great, though. And the field was impressive – lot of fast guys out there.”
Pingree again whooped the field, lapping up even higher into the top ten and staying ahead of Davis. The two provided quite a show for the riders on the track with them – including Monster Energy’s Nate Holland – the three-time defending ESPN Winter X Games Boarder X champion.
“That was insane,” said Holland of his very first motocross race ever. “I can tell this is definitely going to become an expensive hobby for me.”
Also representing Monster Energy was women’s snowmobile distance jumping record holder Delene Dippel. The local NorCal athlete joined much of the field there early (Thurs/Fri.) to race amateurs, then stepped up and raced with the guys – along with Cycle News’ Jean Turner – and the two more than held their own in the seventh annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down. “That was a blast,” said Dippel. “I know a lot of these guys from the snowboard and ski magazines and had no idea they were this into motocross. It was pretty cool.”
Top five trophies in each class went to:
Athletes                                                          Media

1.)   Shaun Palmer, snowboarder               1.) David Pingree, Racer X
2.)   Aaron Cooke, BMX                           2.) Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider
3.)   Kevin Barda, runner                           3.) Chris Denison, Dirt Rider
4.)   Ian Price, snowboarder                       4.) Joe McKimmey, Dirt Rider
5.)   Bryan Noe, snowboarder                    5.) Scott Denison, Dirt Rider
Following the trophy ceremony the sponsors stoked out the athletes with a bunch of product, including skis, boots and bindings from Nordica and a Nitro snowboard and bindings to the class winners and product to everyone, new knobbies from Broc Glover and the guys at Dunlop Tire, cool headphones and ear buds courtesy of Skullcandy, fresh goggles for everyone from Spy Optic, T-shirts and hats from NorCal, Racer X and Imperial Motion and, everyone’s favorite, custom Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown decals from Matt Davis at Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab.
“This is a fun and core way for Monster Energy to get behind the sport of motocross through athletes from other sports that ride,” said John Lee, Director of Sports Marketing for Monster Energy. “The Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down was a celebration of motocross – definitely a good time had by all.”

Finally, the athletes took time to educate themselves on the highly cool charity Pipeline to a Cure – a surf-oriented training and conditioning program for people who are battling cyctic fibrosis. Check out their website at It's a great idea.
The seventh annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown athlete list included:

Athlete/Bike #                                                Sport
1.) Dwayne Taylor (#44)                                 BMX  
2.) Nate Holland (#minus-11)                         Snowboarder  
3.) Trace Schroeder (#941)                             Tele Skier
4.) Aaron Cooke (#90)                                    BMX
5.) Gunnar Newquist (#280)                           Skier
6.) Matt Goodwill (#176)                               Snowboarder
7.) Shawn Sterken (#609)                               Snowboarder
8.) Jon Dadak  (#234)                                      Skier
9.) Jay Grube   (#442)                                      Kayaker
10.) Sam Shallow (#11)                                  Skier
11.) Phil Tintsman (#249)                               Mt. Biker
12.) K.C. Deane (#657)                                  Skier
13.) Ryan McDonald  (#441)                          Snowboarder
14.) Delene Dippel (#102)                              Snowmobiler                                      
15.) Joey Washburn (#927)                             Snowboarder
16.) Kevin Barda (#852)                                 X-C Runner
17.) Mike Tichy (#20)                                     Skier
18.) Jim Moran (#182)                                    Snowboarder
19.) Daron Rahlves (#133)                              Skier
20.) Igor Reoutt (#781)                                   Wakeboarder
21.) Chava Greenlee (#114)                            Surfer                                                             
22.) Chris Roach (#255)                                  Snowboarder
23.) Monty Roach (#469)                               Snowboarder
24.) Dave Donatoni (# 05)                              Surfer                                     
25.) Keith Hutchins (#688)                             Snowmobiler
26.) Aaron “AV” Vincent (#528)                   Snowboarder
27.) Trevor Riccoli (#977)                               Skier
29.) Tony Sabatella (#152)                              Snowboarder
30.) Joey Garcia (#64)                                     BMX
31.) Jimmy Garcia (#30)                                 BMX
32.) Bryan Noe (#47)                                      Snowboarder
33.) Ian Price   (#82)                                        Snowboarder
34.) Shaun Palmer (#555)                               Snowboarder
35.) Matt Mirell (#164)                                   Mt. Biker
36.) Wade Speyer (#680)                                Skateboarder
37.) Casey Kelly (#909)                                  Entertainer
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