Mallory Park GP a Struggle for Coppins

As the FIM Motocross world championship completes the 6th round of the15 round series, Josh Coppins of the Factory Yamaha Monster team has lost ground in the MX1 title hunt after a luckless Mallory Park GP in the UK.

The Kiwi suffered first lap crashes in two motos which inevitably saw him have to fight his way from stone last in both races.  Coppins had a further setback in moto 1 as he was recovering from his first spill he hit the dirt again after pushing hard through the pack.  Once he settled into a race rhythm he managed to claw his way back to 11th spot on an extremely fast but technical Mallory Park circuit.

Trying to focus on a better start in moto 2 the first turn became a free for all with riders bumping elbows.  Coppins lost some ground and then ran into a stalled rider and went down.  After getting back on the track he had to stop again to remove a damaged fork guard before he could give chase to the pack.  With the track conditions deteriorating, Coppins had a mammoth task to first catch the pack and then work his way as far up the field in the allotted 35 minutes.   By the time the checkered flag was waved he had worked his way back to 12th.

“I’m happier with my riding and with my speed however I’m disappointed with my starts and how the races went.  In the second moto I tried to work on getting a better start which I did but I got pushed wide in the first turn and then hit a stalled rider. It was mentally tough to have to come from behind again but I did the best I could and made as many points as possible.  I’m a little happier with my riding now than with the past races but disappointed because the result doesn’t show it.  I’m going to Italy at the end of the week to work with team so we can improve on some speed and some other settings and then I’m looking forward to going to France for GP7.” commented Coppins.  

The spectacular circuit of St Jean d’Angely will welcome the next round of the MX GP series on the 14-15 of June.

Race results:


MX1 Race 1

1          de Dycker, Ken            BEL     Suzuki

2          Ramon, Steve   BEL     Suzuki

3          Barragan, Jonathan       ESP     KTM

4          Nagl, Maximilian           GER     KTM

5          Philippaerts, David        ITA      Yamaha

6          Leok, Tanel      EST     Kawasaki

7          Desalle, Clement           BEL     Suzuki

8          Leok, Aigar      EST     Yamaha

9          de Reuver, Marc          NED    Honda

10        Mackenzie, Billy           GBR    Honda

11        Coppins, Joshua         NZL    Yamaha

12        Priem, Manuel  BEL     Kawasaki

13        Noble, James   GBR    KTM

14        Schiffer, Marcus           GER     KTM

15        Nemeth, Kornel            HUN    KTM

16        Brown, Mike    USA    Honda

26        Freibergs, Lauris           LAT     Yamaha


MX1 Race 2

1          Barragan, Jonathan       ESP     KTM

2          Pourcel, Sebastien        FRA     Kawasaki

3          Philippaerts, David        ITA      Yamaha

4          Mackenzie, Billy           GBR    Honda

5          Leok, Tanel      EST     Kawasaki

6          de Dycker, Ken            BEL     Suzuki

7          Ramon, Steve   BEL     Suzuki

8          Bill, Julien         SUI      Honda

9          Brown, Mike    USA    Honda

10        Noble, James   GBR    KTM

11        de Reuver, Marc          NED    Honda

12        Coppins, Joshua         NZL    Yamaha

13        Desalle, Clement           BEL     Suzuki

14        Priem, Manuel  BEL     Kawasaki

15        Leok, Aigar      EST     Yamaha


MX1 World championship standings:

1          Philippaerts, D. ITA      223

2          Ramon, Steve   BEL     195

3          de Dycker, Ken            BEL     175

4          Coppins, J.      NZL    168

5          Mackenzie, B.  GBR    159

6          Pourcel, S.       FRA     151

7          Barragan, J.      ESP     150

8          de Reuver, M.  NED    138

9          Nagl, M.          GER     132

10        Leok, Tanel      EST     129

11        Desalle, C.       BEL     95

12        Brown, Mike    USA    87

13        Priem, Manuel  BEL     83

14        Nemeth, Kornel            HUN    80

15        Schiffer, M.      GER     71