Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown

Pro snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, surfers, BMX and mt. bikers, wakeboarders and industry magazine staff members ready to duel it out on Saturday, May 31st, at Prairie City (Calif.) SVRA

CORONA, Calif., (May 28, 2008) – Stars of the action sports community will descend upon Prairie City SVRA (Calif.), aka “Hangtown,” this weekend for the seventh running of the Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down.

Shaun Palmer huntds down Daron Rahlves

The long-running event, which features athletes from the action sports fields including snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, BMX and mt. bikes and wakeboarding, along with motocross enthusiasts from the entertainment industry is designed as a celebration of the sport of motocross, in cooperation with Hangtown’s hosting of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships and its exclusive energy drink, Monster Energy.

“Giving these athletes the same access to the Hangtown track that the greatest motocross racers in the world will race the following day has been quite an experience for them,” explained Ed Santin of the Dirt Diggers North M.C. which puts on the Hangtown MX National. “We’ll have a wide range of experience levels on the track at the same time and, after Sunday’s pro race, they’ll all come away from Hangtown with an even greater appreciation for the sport of motocross – something similar to what Ryan Villopoto might feel if he were able to run the Snowboard X course at Winter X.”

Leading the charge will be the world’s most complete action sports athlete, Monster Energy’s own Shaun Palmer. The NorCal native – and arguably one of the greatest athletes our time, period – has a way of just showing up and blowing doors on the competition at the Monster Energy MX Crossover events, just like he did at Hangtown a couple years back. In the stuff of lore Palmer took the lead early in the opening moto, then pulled to the side of the track to ‘wave’ the accomplished jet skier Victor Sheldon by. Palmer then chased, caught and eventually dogged Sheldon – the two sharing a good laugh about it after the race.

Yeah, I’ll get out there and see if I’ve got anything for Ping this weekend,” said Palmer of Racer X Illustrated’s David Pingree, who’ll be one of the many magazine reporters and editors competing in the Java Monster Media Throw Down. “We had a pretty good battle at Glen Helen last year. He (Pingree) ended up winning on his four-stroke (450 vs. Palmer’s 250 two-stroke). Outside that it’s always good to get together with they guys I used to snowboard with, catch up and talk dirt bikes.”

Another racer expected to be running up front will be two-time U.S. Olympic ski racer and America’s greatest downhill racer of all-time, Truckee’s (Calif.) Daron Rahlves. A big proponent of using motocross racing to keep his ski racing skills dialed during the off season, Rahlves has since moved over to the highly popular skiercross ski racing events which combines ski racing and motocross (and, quite frankly, Rollerball).

“Always a good time getting together with all the guys at Hangtown,” said Rahlves. “We’ve got a full gate this weekend and a bunch of us are coming up early to camp and race amateurs. Definitely one of the events on my calendar that I really look forward to.”

Two other Monster Energy-backed athletes competing at Hangtown will be three-time defending Winter X Snowboard X gold medalist, Nate Holland, who’ll be running his first-ever motocross race, and Delene Dippel, the current women’s snowmobile distance jumping record holder.

“I can’t believe I agreed to do this,” said Holland laughing. “Up to last week I was riding a trail bike with turn signals. I guess I’m going to find out real quick here about motocross. We’ll work to make sure it’s not a crash course.”

Athletes that have won motos in the past and will challenge for the podium include skier K.C. Deane, who held off snowboarder Ian Price with a 1-2 finish to Price’s 3-1 at Hangtown last year. Overall Monster Energy Crossover Series champ from ’07, BMXer Aaron Cooke, has also won at Hangtown. Also keep an eye on Kevin Barda (X-C athlete), skiers Gunnar Newquist and Jon Dadak, snowboarder Chris Roach (3rd o/a at Hangtown last year) and BMXers Jimmy and Joey Garcia.

The seventh annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown athlete list:

Athlete/Bike #    Sport
1.) Dwayne Taylor (#44)   BMX 
2.) Nate Holland (#11x)   Snowboarder 
3.) Trace Schroeder (#941)   Tele Skier
4.) Aaron Cooke (#90)   BMX
5.) Gunnar Newquist (#280)   Skier
6.) Matt Goodwill (#176)   Snowboarder
7.) Shawn Sterken (#609)   Snowboarder
8.) Jon Dadak (#234)    Skier
9.) Jay Grube (#442)    Kayaker
10.) Sam Shallow (#11)   Skier
11.) Phil Tintsman (#249)   Mt. Biker
12.) K.C. Deane (#657)   Skier
13.) Ryan McDonald (#441)   Snowboarder
14.) Delene Dippel (#102)   Snowmobiler     
15.) Joey Washburn (#927)   Snowboarder
16.) Kevin Barda (#852)   X-C Runner
17.) Mike Tichy (#20)    Skier
18.) Jim Moran (#182)   Snowboarder
19.) Daron Rahlves (#133)   Skier
20.) Igor Reoutt (#781)   Wakeboarder
21.) Chava Greenlee (#114)   Surfer      
22.) Chris Roach (#255)   Snowboarder
23.) Monty Roach (#469)   Snowboarder
24.) Dave Donatoni (# 05)   Surfer    
25.) Keith Hutchins (#688)   Snowmobiler
26.) Tyler Emond (#508)   Snowboarder
27.) Aaron “AV” Vincent (#528)  Snowboarder
28.) Trevor Riccoli (#977)   Skier
29.) Buster Akrey (#52)   Musician
30.) Tony Sabatella (#152)   Snowboarder
31.) Joey Garcia (#64)    BMX
32.) Jimmy Garcia (#30)   BMX
33.) Bryan Noe (#47)    Snowboarder
34.) Ian Price  (#82)    Snowboarder
35.) Shaun Palmer (#555)   Snowboarder
36.) Matt Mirell (#164)   Mt. Biker
37.) Tyson Terpening (#711)   SB/Ski Park Builder
39.) Wade Speyer (#680)   Skateboarder
40.) Casey Kelly (#909)   Entertainer

Stepping up to sponsor this year’s event along with Monster Energy are: Nordica Ski Co., Dunlop Tire, Nitro Snowboards, Spy Optic, Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab, Skullcandy and Imperial Motion. In addition, the seventh annual Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Hangtown, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down will work with Pipeline to a Cure – an organization dedicated to helping kids with cystic fibrosis.

In addition to the action sports athletes that will be racing Saturday (May 30th) at Hangtown, Monster Energy is also promoting its supercharged premium coffee & cream beverage through the Java Monster Media Throw Down, featuring many of your favorite editorial staff member from the industry’s top magazines and web sites. The Monster Energy VIP rig located in the pro pits will also host and autograph session on Saturday afternoon with all the participating athletes signing special editions 2008 Monster Energy MX Crossover Series posters – free of charge!

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