Going to Hangtown? Traffic Bulletin


Michael "FTE" Stusiak posted this traffic update on Mototalk for everyone who might be going to Hangtown this weekend for Round 2 of the 2008 AMA Toyota Motocross Championships, presented by FMF

Sacramento is starting a six week traffic project from hell Friday night, which will affect traffic between the airport and the track. Interstate 5, the Airport access freeway, will be closed through downtown Sac, cutting off access to Highway 50 from 5, the direct route from the airport.

As the project schedule reads now, the southbound lanes of 5 should be open to get you to 50 and then out east to the Prairie City exit in Folsom. Coming back Sunday evening, however, northbound I-5 will be closed and you'll have to figure out an alternate route.

Two alternatives that seem to make sense are:

(1) Cut north/east on Business Route 80 at the 50/80/99 interchange to the then head west on I80 where Business 80 cuts back into it. West on I-80 will take you to I-5 north to the airport, or

(2) Continue west through downtown Sacramento on 50/Business 80, over the river and then hook up with I-80 east in West Sacramento, which will again take you to I-5 north and then to the airport.

Here's the website with more information: http://www.fixi5.com/

You'll want to plan ahead if you have to haul to catch a flight Sunday night.