Racer X Virtual Trainer

Kevin Windham has had a storied career since winning Rookie of the Year honors back in 1994. Over the past five supercross seasons Kdub has finished second, third, fourteenth, and fourth with an incredible second place finish this season, missing the number one spot by a mere 13 points. Watching Kevin this year you may have noticed an air of confidence that seemed to be missing in years past. What is it about this year that was so different? Maybe it's the fact that he hired trainer Jeff Spencer to not only coach him physically, but to mold him mentally. Jeff has trained all types of people in all walks of life including Lance Armstrong, Chad Reed, and Nathan Ramsey. Virtual Trainer decided to call Jeff and ask him his opinion on what he thinks is so different about Kevin's approach to racing this year. Jeff also has a new book out due to hit the bookstores in June, so we wanted to get the scoop on that too. Go to www.racerxvt.com to read the complete interview!