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I wanted to give a shout to Jim Castillo and Asterisk for the Castillo Ranch Ride Day this weekend -- a great time for a great cause. I also wanted to thank you Ping for the tour of the ranch. Even with the dust it was cool to see that the place was as epic as we had seen in Racer X. It was a class event all the way around.

Castillo Ranch

I was just curious how you felt the vibe was there versus the other times you’re there and the sport in general. I sensed a collective respect and appreciation for motocross that I haven’t felt around racing for a while—and not simply due to the fact that most of us who were there are well beyond the age of getting carded. Just because you’re old school doesn’t mean you automatically have the appreciation that enveloped the ride. Even the factory guys seemed into it. Being from Colorado makes me biased, but I thought Shorty looked awesome out there.

I also wanted to know if that was a one-time thing or will it become an annual event?

Gary Bradley. Playa del Rey, CA

Dear Gary,
There is generally a very cool vibe any time you are up at the ranch because it is such a privilege to be there, and everyone is so nice. The Asterisk Superpass Weekend that you are referring to was a great group of people because everyone really wanted to be there. Some folks drove hundreds of miles to attend and anyone that purchased a ticket spent some hard earned loot to do so. I agree with you that Shorty looked good. He’ll be a podium threat all year in my opinion. And I haven’t heard if this is going to become an annual thing or not but I hope it does; it was a lot of fun. As far as the property tours go, well, that was not my best work. The first tour we did that day included fifteen people when we left. We came back with five. In my defense, I have never seen weeds that tall on the property. I tried blazing a trail through the mustard weed early into the ride and got stuck at the top of the hill. It was like trying to drive a rental car into a corn field. The stuff was six to seven feet tall!

Then there were a few that had trouble turning around at the top of that hill and a few more that didn’t make it up one of the other big hills on the 700 acre ranch. My apologies to all those that were left behind and went MIA; I would be a disgrace in the military.



Benefactors of the money tree!

I was wondering if you could help me understand something? How do these amateur motocross kid's parents afford to gallivant all over the country to these amateur races in campers probably bigger than some people's houses, afford the skyrocketing gas prices, entry and gate fees, and all of the other goodies that go along with the motocross lifestyle? Better yet, what kind of job do these people have that will even allow them the time off to do this for their kids? Do they have some miraculous money tree growing in the back yard? I mean I cringe each time I even think of going riding due to the money I fork out for gas as I live about an hour from the nearest track, the food and drinks, and the track fee. It can get expensive quick. I guess I am just careful with how I spend my money, especially this day and time. If you know where I can get one of those trees, I would be much obliged.
Loyal RacerX Fan

Dear Loyal Racer X Fan,
I picked mine up at Lowe’s last Saturday and, so far…I’m loving it! I don’t know how I ever got by without this money-making horticulture miracle. Not only have I paid off every bit of debt I had but I can now buy anything I want. Just last night my wife and I were getting a little nippy as the temperature dropped so we threw a few stacks of C-notes into the fireplace, you know, just to take the chill off. I also leave a rolled up wad of tens beside my toilet so I never get stuck on the thinker without striking paper. And for a crisp twenty dollar bill or two you can get a migrant worker or neighborhood kid to wash your car, clean your gutters, skim your pool… whatever you need done.

Earlier this week I told my neighbor kid that I would pay him $1000 if he would mow my grass… with toenail clippers. I just thought it would be funny. He’s about halfway done right now.
To keep your tree healthy just plant in well-drained soil, fertilize with triple-fifteen once per season and water regularly to keep the cash coming. It’s way easier than a the heavy-lifting I do at my real job.


Dear Ping,
Is it me or does Nick Wey look like Kevin Federline? WEYFED!
Brian. York, PA


Dear Brian,
I hadn’t noticed it until now but, yes, they are practically twins. And after trying fruitlessly to come up with a good nickname for the Michigan Mafia member, well, you’ve finally found one; WeyFed. That is awesome. Everyone reading this please help me make this nickname stick.

(Nick, if you don’t like the name, I’m sorry. But the only other things that rhyme with Nick or Wey are dick, prick, frick, hick, tick, ray, prey and gay. And I didn’t think any of those were going to suit you—in any combination.)

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