Tough day for Coppins in Mantova

Josh Coppins has experienced a tough weekend at the fifth round of the Italian MX GP in Mantova.  The Factory Yamaha Monster racer battled with his speed all weekend on a track he has openly admitted he dislikes.   

With bad weather conditions adding to the tricky stadium style track, Coppins went into the first moto with a wide gate pick.  He jumped well but was pushed out by German, Maxi Nagl.  After settling into 5th position, Coppins began to ride his own pace but came under pressure from Steve Ramon who he kept at bay for most of the 35 minute moto.  Team-mate Philippaerts charged through the pack to slot in behind Coppins with two laps to go however the Kiwi finished strongly to secure 4th spot.

A perfectly timed jump to the start of the second moto saw Coppins take the hole-shot and early advantage.    Maxi Nagl again through a spanner in the works when he snuck past by the end of the opening lap as Coppins essentially lost his rhythm and concentration.   A further four valuable positions were lost  in succession with Coppins settling down in fifth until he crossed the checkered flag.

"It is quite close at the front of the championship and we saw another new winner this weekend. I am the only guy from the first few in the standings who has not won yet, but it will come. I think everyone knows that I have had a hard couple of weeks and I am not riding as well as I would like, so I think we did a good job in the motos; I believe fourth and fifth was not too bad. I closed some points to Ramon and pulled away from Mackenzie. I was pleased with my starts today even if I did ride badly in the first ten minutes of both motos; I was just too slow. In the last ten minutes I am as fast as the leader but I am too stiff and not relaxed in the first moments of the races. My confidence is getting better though. I don't like this track and it is the only one of the fifteen that I struggle with, so that's another reason why I am pleased with the result. I am looking forward to England now; that is like a home GP for me. I like to think I have a chance to win there." stated Coppins.

Coppins will take a weekend off in order to prepare for the 6th round of the FIM MX series which visits a new venue in Malory Park in Great Britain on the 1st of June.

Image: CDS

Race results:

MX1 Race 1

1        Pourcel, Sebastien    FRA     Kawasaki

2        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     Suzuki

3        de Reuver, Marc       NED    Honda

4          Coppins, Joshua       NZL     Yamaha

5        Philippaerts, David     ITA     Yamaha

6        Ramon, Steve BEL     Suzuki

7        Leok, Tanel    EST    Kawasaki

8        Leok, Aigar     EST    Yamaha

9        Mackenzie, Billy        GBR     Honda

10      Barragan, Jonathan   ESP     KTM

11      Schiffer, Marcus       GER     KTM

12      Nagl, Maximilian        GER     KTM

13      Desalle, Clement       BEL     Suzuki

14      Nemeth, Kornel         HUN    KTM

15      Noble, James  GBR     KTM

MX1 Race 2

1        Nagl, Maximilian        KTM

2        Philippaerts, David     Yamaha

3        de Reuver, Marc       Honda

4        Mackenzie, Billy        Honda

5          Coppins, Joshua       Yamaha

6        de Dycker, Ken         Suzuki

7        Pourcel, Sebastien    Kawasaki

8        Leok, Tanel    Kawasaki

9        Ramon, Steve Suzuki

10      Priem, Manuel Kawasaki

11      Desalle, Clement       Suzuki

12      Schiffer, Marcus       KTM

13      Church, Tom  Kawasaki

14      Anderson, Bradley     Suzuki

15      Brown, Mike   Honda

MX1 World championship standings:

1        Philippaerts, D.         ITA     187

2        Ramon, Steve BEL     159

3          Coppins, J.    NZL     149

4        de Dycker, Ken         BEL     135

5        Mackenzie, B. GBR     130

6        Pourcel, S.     FRA     129

7        de Reuver, M. NED    116

8        Nagl, M.        GER     114

9        Barragan, J.   ESP     105

10      Leok, Tanel    EST    98

11      Nemeth, Kornel         HUN    74

12      Desalle, C.     BEL     73

13      Brown, Mike   USA    70

14      Priem, Manuel BEL     67

15      Schiffer, M.    GER     59