McWilliams Family buys Lake Whitney Motocross Park


Today at the WB Ranch in Whitney, Texas, home of the “World Famous” Lake Whitney Motocross Park, an announcement was made regarding the next chapter of the great tracks future. In a joint statement, Bruce Whitehead, owner of the WB Ranch, and Dave Martin, the managing partner of Moto-Mgmt., LP and president of Honda of Houston / Honda of Houston Racing, announced that a new long term lease has been signed which transfers the operating control of the track and its events to Allen and Jamie McWilliams of Millcreek Race Promotions. The McWilliams family, including their son Alex, own Millcreek MX Park and already have operating leases for several other facilities.

Dave Martin spoke proudly of his time with the great track “I can’t begin to say enough about the outstanding people that have taken care of this piece of Texas motocross history over the last 9 seasons and I look forward to watching it grow and prosper well into the future”. Mr. Whitehead enticed Dave to add another full time job to his already full schedule at Honda of Houston in the fall of 1999 to operate the Lake Whitney motocross track. “I have gained a tremendous respect for motocross promoters all over the world and appreciate the lessons that I have learned” said Dave. Both Bruce and Dave are at peace with Dave’s decision to step aside and believe that the friendship the two men have created will last a life time. Dave finally added laughingly “both Allen and Bruce agreed to allow Honda of Houston to park in its traditional spot at the track and I just wanted to make sure I got that in print somewhere”!