PS2 & PS3 MX vs. ATV Untamed Tournament

MXVGFORUMS.COM  is an MX vs. ATV Untamed tournament site being ran for the PS3 gaming console. MXVGFORUMS.COM has been up since April of 2007 and has over 200 members. This site has hosted tournaments for the PS2 version for MX vs. ATV Unleashed and has been holding tournaments for months now. MXVGFORUMS.COM is only for the PS3 and PS2 version of MX vs. ATV Untamed, along with threads for people that still play Unleashed on the PS2 and PC.

Our site is in the process of starting up its 2nd series this Sunday at 6:00pm CST for the PS3 which will consist of Outdoor national tracks only. This will be the first tournament for the PS3 where there is the opportunity to win money,  autographed jersey's, hats, t-shirts, posters, banners, gear bags, trophies and so on; depending on what people can come up with for prizes for the series (all raised by the members of the site).

There are also other unique types of racing such as: Monday Mayhem, Tuesday Night Races, and Thursday Terminations held every week! If you are interested please go to MXVGFORUMS.COM and click on the Tuesday night races link. MXVGFORUMS.COM is a wonderful MX community for online MX racers and has racing to suit everyone!