Rev Up: The Formula

May 15, 2008 12:28pm | by:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev-Up. As we face another off-weekend, I wanted to use this week’s column to talk a little about a motocross video I watched earlier this week that’s kept me pumped up. We see almost every dirt-bike-related video in the industry fly into the office. From Bubba’s Flying 50 Freak Circus to One Chance to Win, we have it all in our DVD library. As I was leaving the office Monday evening I walked by said library and stopped in my tracks when I saw a particular DVD titled The Formula, the latest installment in No Fear’s epic Great Outdoors series. I had recently watched MXoN: Sixty Years and a Day, which the group also produced, and was vastly impressed. So I assumed The Formula would provide a decent hour before bedtime. I assumed correctly.

The first motocross video that left its mark on me was Fox Racing’s Terrafirma. While the early freeride/freestyle stuff was cutting-edge and really cool, it was the racing action that had me shadow boxing. Sadly, it’s been since Fox’s Terrafirma 7 that I’ve hit the stop button on my DVD player with goose bumps lining my forearms. I’ve enjoyed all of the Great Outdoor videos, but The Formula just nailed it across the board.

Narrated by Eric Johnson, the DVD takes you through the highlights of each round as the beautiful and talented Jessica Young and her film crew capture some downright timeless stuff. I attended most of the outdoor nationals last year and remember how hard Ryan Villopoto, Josh Grant, and Ben Townley were charging. I remember how incredible it was watching Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart battle. But when you watch it on the couch with a glass of merlot in your hand at 60 frames per second, it’s like seeing it for the first time. Those guys charge so hard. Their form is perfect, and their speed is simply astonishing.  

From the battles of Hangtown, High Point, and Southwick to the championship bombshells at Unadilla, Lakewood, and Washougal, they went through each round like they were poetry. I mean, think back to last year’s AMA Toyota Motocross Championship. Scorsese couldn’t have scripted it any better – seven moto winners, five different overalls, and the title came down to the last lap of the last moto. Oh yeah, the Lites class skirmish was a little exciting too, I suppose. Ha!

The 2007 Outdoor Nationals gave me some memories I’ll take with me to the grave. The only thing better than that is this little mix of footage and music that Troy Adamitis and his posse put together. I’m telling you, run, don’t walk to the computer and order one right now. It’s the perfect precursor to what’s coming in two weeks.

How good is it? I called “Bad” Billy Ursic Tuesday night and told him I was coming over and had a video he had to see. Bill is a man of few words, so I didn’t really know what he thought of it until l left the office yesterday. It was raining pretty good, so I figured he might be down for a beer. I texted him, “ready for a fishbowl?” His reply, “I’m going riding.” The Formula had its intended effect on him.

Thanks for reading, and get ready to circle the wagons next week.