Christophe Pourcel Back on the Bike


Racer X reader Anthony Blay sent us this link to which is reporting that 2006 MX2 World MX Champion Christophe Pourcel is back on a bike and riding. We translated to text to English for you using Google.

EXCLUSIVE! The come back Christophe Pourcel!

Motard, Wednesday, May 14, 2008

4 in the morning, the bell is ringing. I get in the car and, 620 kms later, arrive in Loncin, Belgium. I walk into a workshop full of GP bikes. Left in the middle, there is one bike without number plates, but with a nice Monster Pro Circuit decal on and fully PC Equiped.

So that was true, his father didn't lie to me.. After nine months of waiting, rehab, doubts, pains and struggle just to get a normal life again, the French number 1 was about to get behind an handlebar.

The whole day goes by slowly till Chris arrive, around 4 AM. Calm, open, relax. Smiling and jokink with everyboby around. A rare sight this two previous years. Seems like the kid he was in 2005 for his first domestic championship !

If he feels relaxed, that's not the case of his father, who looks very emotional. As Chris is gearing up, it is hard to enven recognize him in this unfamiliar Thor gear that fits him nicely. Now, he gets on the bike, put up his sleeves. Sure it is him, back on track : the former French and World champion and US SX Winner Christophe Pourcel. 2 laps later, all is said and done. I now know what 2009 will bring our way. And so do Chris...