District 23 Steps Up Sound Testing

May 8, 2008, (Minneapolis, MN) – Minnesota’s District 23 racing organization (www.armca.org) has taken extra steps to improve the sound testing regulations.  The 99dba testing program has been in place for several years, but a recent overhaul has really put some ‘teeth’ in it.  All MX race promoters are required to test a minimum of 20 amateur class bikes (125cc-450cc).  Violators will be DQ’ed and required to install a pipe that passes.  Furthermore to address the accountability issues from the past, all promoters are required to send in results to the District office with-in 4 days or face fines.

Elko & Mankato race promoter Lee Theis said “ I thank our district & promoters for doing their part to quiet down the sport. We have tested for 3 years now and it helps.  The biggest problem is that the AMA, OEM’s and Aftermarket companies have their head so far in the sand, that it is extremely difficult for our riders to pass.  The pipes are just too loud.  I have seen brand new OEM bikes fail – it is just ridiculous to see that they must not care if our riding areas are getting shut down.  This problem comes from the top, Pro AMA is too lenient along with OEM and aftermarket industry.  It makes it difficult to fight this issue from the bottom up.  I know many people that would like to see a 96dba rule in the next year or two.”

Hopefully all other AMA District organizations take notice of District 23 efforts and install a similar program.