7602 Racing CRF450R Skyda Clutch Cover

7602 Racing is proud to introduce our popular Skyda clutch cover for CRF450R riders. The Skyda clutch cover is machined from solid 6061 billet aluminum for superior strength and durability. Hard anodized in black or red with laser engraved graphics for long lasting good looks. With an integrated oil sight glass the Skyda cover gives CRF450R owners the added convenience of checking the level and condition of their transmission oil with just a glance. No more guessing if your oil is ready to be changed, just take a quick look and know for sure.

Top pros have been using billet engine covers for years. When going into the first turn, or through a nasty rock garden the last thing you need to worry about is someones foot peg, or a rock going through your clutch cover. A broken clutch cover means race over. Our cover will shrug off blows from rocks and crashes that would leave the stock cover in pieces all while giving you the ability to quickly and easily check your tranny oil.

The Skyda cover retails for $150.00

Contact info: 888-427-7602