N.A.H.A. Pro Hillclimb Results

April 28, 2008 6:10am

Peterson Sweeps California Hillclimb

World Champion Robie Peterson swept all three pro classes during the second annual Glen Helen Hillclimb on May 26-27 in San Bernardino, CA to claim his share of the $15,000 purse. Only the legendary Dusty Beer has ever swept a round of the North American Hillclimber's  Association, and that came more than a decade ago. Off-road star Kurt Caselli beat David Pingree and Chad Pederson in a crossover athlete Dash for Cash while Utah's Brandon Whitlock won the King of the Hill competition to wrap up a weekend.

Robie Peterson

"I think this is a really difficult hill," said Robie Peterson. "It's a lot more difficult than last year, especially on a big bike. This track definitely favors 450s and 700s!"

"I look forward to the Glen Helen hillclimb all year long," said off-road star Kurt Caselli. "It's way more fun than you can imagine, and it looks much easier on TV. Guys like the Petersons, Travis Whitlock, Harold Waddell and Jason Smith are really good riders, and they have really good bikes."

The event was filmed for Lucus Oil's On the Edge TV program which will be telivised on SPEED. Check local listings for times.

Kurt Caselli

1. Robie Peterson (14.668 seconds)
2. Travis Whitlock (15.739)
3. Brian Peterson (15.806)
4. David Pingree (16.092)
5. Jason Smith (16.223)
6. Dusty Beer (16.383)
7. Chad Pederson (17.864)
8. Josh Armtrout (18.073)
9. Kurt Caselli (18.113)
10. Bret Peterson (22.476)

1.Robie Peterson (14.057)
2. Harold Waddell (14.061)
3. Travis Whitlock (14.308)
4. Bret Peterson (14.367)
5. Ross Johnson (15.330)
6. Dusty Beer (15.842)
7. James Perry (16.126)
8. Jason Smith (16.194)
9. Corey Erhardt (16.479)
10. Brian Peterson (16.758)

701cc -Open
1. Robie Peterson (13.599)
2. Travis Whitlock (14.007)
3. Brandon Whitlock (14.084)
4. Harold Waddell (14.338)
5. Dusty Beer (14.632)
6. Corey Erhardt (15.254)
7. Brian Peterson (15.745)
8. Brian Osborne (15.964)
9. Craig Spencer (16.632)
10. Don Beer (16.678)

King of the Hill
1. Brandon Whitlock

Crossover Dash For Cash
1. Kurt Caselli
2. David Pingree
3. Chad Pederson