4-Stroke World Championship at Glen Helen this Weekend

With just a few short days away until the 21st MTA 4 Stroke World Championships. The name has changed, but the sound remains the same. MTA has taken over where White Brothers let off to back the biggest 4-strokes stand-alone event in the world.

With the fact that there is no Prequel this year because Glen Helen is the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals, this will be the test of the top pros to see where they are at before the first round. There are always a few surprises in what riders show up unannounced. But the short list of riders looking to make their name a little larger are Rockstar/Makita Suzuki's Mike Alessi and Bad Boy Racing's Jeff Alessi. Other names include past WORCS champion Kawasaki Team Green's Ricky Dietrich, Zip Ty Malcolm Smith Yamaha's Bobby Garrison, and let’s not forget former Pro Circuit rider Bobby Bonds and WORCS KTM rider Justin Soule and Big Guns' John Burr rider Matty Dowel. I could go on, but with this being a weekend off for the Western Regional Lites racers, you could see a lot of names not on this list looking to get ready for the outdoors.

There is a $2000.00 250 Pro Purse on Saturday and a $6000.00 OPEN Pro Purse on Sunday, and this means OPEN TO ANY SIZE 4 Stroke on Sunday. There is also a $1500.00 Quad Pro Purse on Sunday. There are all the Sportsman classes both days. Each day is a stand alone event. Gates open at 6:00 am and it's $20.00 for adults for the weekend or $10.00 a day. Children 6 to 12 are $5.00 per day. Amateur class entries are $45.00 post and $40.00 pre. 250 Pro Entries are $50.00 and Open Pro are $85.00 Camping is available at the track. We hope to see you at Glen Helen this weekend and say hi early because with the sound of 4 stokes there won’t be much talking during the event. Spectators are encouraged to enjoy what will be 2/3rd of the National Track and sit back and feel It.