Nick Wey & Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg Mine Precious Metals @ Inaugural ESPN Moto-X

April 16, 2008 6:31am

Wey rocks a 2nd place finish in the Racing event while Twitch backs that up with a 2nd in FMX and 3rd in Speed & Style

CARLSBAD, Calif., (April 16, 2008) – Spy Optic’s Nick Wey and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg mined some precious metals out of the hard pack dirt in San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium this past weekend, both bringing home silver medals in Racing and Freestyle, respectively, as well as bronze for Stenberg in the Speed & Style event at the inaugural ESPN Navy Moto-X World Championships.

Wey, who double timed it back from the Detroit Supercross on Saturday night to race Sunday’s event in San Diego, made the main event by virtue of a second round heat race win. In the main Wey didn’t pull the start he wanted, but was able to do away with several racers to get himself into a medal position. Due to the short nature of the race he didn’t have the time to track down the eventual winner (Broc Hepler), but he did make it pretty exciting for the number of fans in attendance.

“Yeah, it was a pretty hectic weekend,” said Wey. “You kind of get the feeling for how Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders had it, doubling up like they did. But it was a blast. I’d do it again in a second.”

Criss-crossing the same track Wey’d just raced on – through the air – was Stenberg. The wily FMX veteran was top notch in terms of the tricks he was throwing, including a 115-foot upside down (via the back flip) Superman that he held for and insane amount of time.

“The sun was way bright and I’m pumped I had my Spys with the mirrored lenses,” said Stenberg. “Definitely made a difference.

Next up for the Spy Optic’s Nick Wey on the Monster Energy Supercross tour is the Saturday, April 19th St. Louis Supercross.