DairyLand MX Race for Charity Series

April 16, 2008 7:25am

1st Race ~ May 3/4~ Research Institute for Children at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans
2nd Race ~ May 31/June 1 ~ American Heart Association
3rd Race ~ June 14/15 ~ National Breast Cancer Foundation
4th Race ~ June 28/29 ~ Alzheimer’s Association
5th Race ~ July 12/13 ~ American Cancer Society
6th Race ~ July 19/20 ~ Jerry's Kids for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

What DairyLand MX will donate to the Charity Series :
$1.00 of Jambalaya Sales
$2.00 of the gate fees

What you will donate :
$5.00 of race fees

For Awards at the end of the series, you must be here for 4 out of the 6 series races.

Camping is free. Bring your motor home or trailer and store it here ~ free of charge!
Gate fee $10.00, under 5 and seniors free.
Race fees $30.00 for each class ($5.00 donated to the charity in each series race) Money Class $35.00 150% Payout on $30.00 and must have 5 entrants for payout.

All Pit vehicles $20.00 per rider: Licensed driver sign-in for wristband

No fast riding in the pits, operate in 1st gear.

3 Strike Rule in place

All Riders on 30 acres $20.00 and sign waiver

No Pit riding allowed. All vehicles must be operated by adults with drivers licenses. Special bands are to be worn by the drivers.

3 Strike Rule will be in [place

Saturday, June 28th:

Gates Open @ 7:00 AM
Gates Close @ 11:00 PM
Practice: 9 AM - 4 PM
Race Sign-ups all day

Sunday – June 29th, 2008

Gates Open @ 6:00 AM
Gates Close @ 11:00 PM
MX Race Sign-up @ 6:00 - 8:30
MX Organized Practice 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Race Begins at 9:00 AM Sharp

Race Classes

50cc Oil Inj
50cc (4-6)
50cc (7-8)
50cc Open
65cc Beg
65cc (7-9)
65cc (10-11)
65cc Open
85cc Beg - Big Wheels Allowed
85cc (7-11) - No Big Wheels
85cc (12-15) No Big Wheels
85cc – 112cc Super Mini Open
125cc & up Open (Big Bike Open)
250cc Beg
250cc Novice
250cc Intermediate
450cc Beg
450cc Novice
450cc Intermediate
Open Money
Seniors 30 +, 40+
Schoolboy (12-16) (100cc or above)
Women's Open – (85cc or above)

Open A
VET 30
Sport 0-416cc
Youth Prod. SR
Youth Prod. Jr
Youth 0-50