A Note from Travis Pastrana

April 16, 2008 6:55am | by:

Just a reminder that 199 Lives is going to be in select theaters today and tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. I feel a bit awkward telling people to go and see a documentary about myself... but, if this does well, Godfrey Entertainment has a much better shot of producing full length motion pictures in the future. Bigger budgets, bigger stunts, and bigger fun for all of us. 

Yes I am bias, but I feel this movie will keep everyone entertained and it gives an interesting view on the psychology of action sports as well as the family sacrifice that it takes for any rider to get the opportunity to compete on the top level. The previews that were edited together don't do this film justice in my opinion and it's not just on the parts of my life that worked well; looking at this film I realized just how often I make a fool of myself. Everything seemed like a good idea at the time so no regrets. 

Anyway, this is me requesting (begging) for our industry to get behind us and give us the opportunity to produce films that we will strive to make even better and more entertaining in the future. Heck, if for some reason you think this movie is going to be a waste of time, send people you don't like. :)  I'm curious to see what the mainstream thinks, but it won "best film" at the X-Dance film festival so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It took two years for us to put together and we are very proud of the final product. 

Travis Pastrana 

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