Micky Dymond Injury Update

I spoke with Micky yesterday to see how he was doing after his crash in San Diego at the Moto X World Championships. Micky crashed in the first Supermoto practice trying a triple-triple section on the dirt. He injured his shoulder in that crash but was trying to ride the second practice anyway when he crashed again. Micky said that his bars moved when he hit the first jump in the dirt, dropping his bars and controls to the gas tank. He tried jumping over the front of the bike but was hit from behind by his Husqvarna. Micky compound fractured his tibia and fibula in that crash. His shoulder, it turns out, has some major rotator cuff damage as well. He is still in the hospital in San Diego and will remain there for the rest of the week. He is hooked up to some type of vacuum that draws the swelling away from his leg injury. When the bleeding is under control they will operate to put rods and screws in his leg. When that heals he can begin to deal with the injury to his shoulder. Micky is one of the friendliest and nicest guys in the sport and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.