KTM Moto-X Race Report – Day 2

San Diego, CA – KTM riders picked up two silver medals and one bronze on the second day of the Navy Moto-X World Championships.

Mat Rebeaud

Defending X-Games 13 Champion, Ronnie Renner, returned to defend his Step-Up title against Ricky Carmichael, Tommy Clowers, and Matt Buyten. It came down to the wire when Renner and his Red Bull KTM freestyle ride made it to the final three at an attempt of 35 feet. Carmichael went first and cleared the bar but crashed the landing eliminating himself from the competition. Renner and Buyten also attempted the jump but failed to complete it. The judges decided to move the starting mark back 5 feet for the riders to get a better run at it. Buyten went first, clearing the jump and thus taking the gold. Renner, not to be out done, put on quite a show when he acted as if he was very upset at losing and kicked some tuff blocks around the track. “It was all in fun,” commented Renner. The crowd loved it!

Nick Wey and Justin Brayton

In Moto-X Racing MDK KTM Factory rider Nick Wey finished an impressive 2nd overall after getting a great start and riding a smooth race. Wey passed Josh Hansen for the second position and actually got within 2 seconds of the leader by the last lap. MDK KTM Lites rider Justin Brayton earned an impressive 3rd place finish on his first race aboard the KTM 450SX-F. “I had a lot of fun today,” commented Brayton. “I really enjoy the 450, it’s a powerful machine.”

Red Bull KTM Freestyle rider Mat Rebeaud made it into the final four in the freestyle event and was matched against Jeremy Lusk for the Bronze Medal competition. He put in a good run but, unfortunately, lost the match and settled for 4th in that event.

Moto-X Step-Up Results:
1. Matt Buyten
2. Ronnie Renner – KTM
3. Ricky Carmichael
4. Tommy Clowers

Moto-X Racing Results:
1. Broc Hepler
2. Nick Wey – KTM
3. Justin Brayton – KTM
4. Josh Hansen
5. Travis Pastrana
6. Gavin Gracyk
7. Kevin Johnson
8. Jiri Dostal
9. Jason Lawrence
10. Eric Sorby

Moto-X Freestyle Results:
1. Nate Adams
2. Jeremy Stenberg
3. Jeremy Lusk
4. Mat Rebeaud - KTM

Ronnie Renner