Moto X Day 1 Updates - Speed & Style

Nate Adams took the win on the first ever Speed & Style event. Some were not sure what to expect with this, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Racing never gets old, but throw in some back flips on back-to-back 80' jumps and it only gets better!

Naturally, Travis Pastrana was the favorite going in, but in the first heat he fell in the first turn in his head-to-head versus Kevin Johnson. Kevin took advantage with his Supercross skills and put a sizable gap between himself and TP. But this isn't just a race, they're judged and tricks and style, too, and Pastrana has plenty of both! Unfortunately for Pastrana is wasn't enough too offset the points he lost in time and Johnson advanced to the next round.

I didn't get a photo of Pastrana racing because I was in the press booth getting a shot of Deegan and McGrath doing their TV thing. It's a horrible photo but I didn't want to bother them while they were trying to sound cool on TV. Still not sure if it was worth it.

It came down to Twitch and Ronnie Renner in the semi to see who would face Nate in the final. Twitch looked to have the upper hand on Renner as he was faster on the track and had some huge flip combos ready for the jumps. But Twitch went down hard in the rhythm section on lap two, handing the win to Renner and setting the stage for an Adams vs. Renner final.

Twitch Crash

Twitch up

Nate Adams took a convincing win, both winning the race to the checkers and stomping some big tricks in the double-double section that Renner could not match.

Ronnie Renner

Nate Adams

Twitch receiving a bronze helmet...

The podium