Moto X Champs Update - Best Trick

April 13, 2008 3:40pm

Scott Murray pulled the double backflip! Enough said. Here's your gold helmet, Scott.

Thomas Pages proved innovation counts in FMX by pulling the first double grab backflip for second place!

Potter took third place. This is where strategy plays a part. Potter got a solid score on his first run for his flip cliffhanger. Adams did one too but didn't score as well. Then Rebeaud got into the top three with the trick Potter is famous for. Potter could have rolled the dice and gone for a better cliffhanger, but he knew he could do a better KOD flip than Rebeaud and that would get him on the podium with only a could riders to go. Potter made the last second decision to do a KOD flip instead and it worked out nicely for him.

Mat Rebeaud infiltrated the top 3 for a moment in the final when he hucked this KOD Flip...until Potter one-uped him.

Kyle Loza was the big favorite for Best Trick after releacing footage of his trick the "Electric Death" a couple weeks ago. Loza had two solid tries at pulling the trick, both ending with Loza in the dirt He got close, really close. Expect to see Loza get this trick dialed in for Summer X Games in August.

Blake Williams came through with his biggest trick on his first jump--a 360 heel clicker! That could have been his downfall as there was no way for him to better his score on run 2. Had he thrown a regular 360 first, followed by the 360 clicker who knows where he would have placed. Weird how this judging works and a good strategy can play a big role. The other riders were definitely most impressed with his trick.

Nate threw a solid flip cliffhanger on his second run, but it wasn't quite as big as the one Potter had on his first run.

New Metal Mulisha recruit Nicky Danielson threw a big Shaolin Barhop flip! Nicky impressed a lot of people this weekend by showing his flip trick capabilities. He was even thinking of going for a Loza type trick...maybe at Summer X we'll see a dirt bike gymnastics competition!?

Maddo was riding well. You wouldn't think so by looking at the 9th place result, but with everyone throwing ridiculous tricks even the smallest bobble, over jump or under extension can  put you from top 5 to way back.

Nothing like a man hug after some stiff competition.

Best Trick podium