Birthdays from April 14 to April 20

April 14: Buddy Antunez had quite a career racing motorcycles. He was a mini prodigy in the late ‘80s and then he got a ride with Mitch Payton’s Splitfire/Pro Circuit team in the early ‘90s. He won a few races and finished second to Jeremy McGrath in the series. After quite a few years on the circuit, he then decided to race the AMA National Arenacross Series where he won five consecutive Arenacross Championships. Last year, Buddy was the team manager for the Rockstar Suzuki team but then Factory Suzuki decided to combine the teams for 2008. But don’t count out the “Bud Man” because I’m sure we will see him very soon.

April 14: Loretta Lynn alumni, Todd Streit.

April 14: Art Eckman will always be remembered as the voice of Supercross, from his days at Motoworld to commentating the Supercrosses on ESPN. Art was one of the nicest guys you have ever met at a SX and his stories from being on the road were priceless!

April 14: BBR’s Chris Brown.

April 16: Branden Jesseman surprised a lot of people when he won the 2003 125 East Coast Supercross Championship, but injuries would follow and he fell off the radar. Last year, Paul Lindsey gave him a chance and he won the Orlando Supercross for Yamaha and it was good enough to secure a ride with the Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit team in 2008. Brando has ran into some bad luck so far in the Eastern Regional Lites series but don’t count him out, because he could win a supercross before we go back West for Seattle.

April 16: GNCC Title Contender Josh McLevy.

April 16: Sano Systems Dave Deringer.

April 17: Loretta Lynn alumni, Travis Taylor.

April 18: Jim “Hollywood” Holley has lived the life that we only could dream about! You could even write a book about this guy. He was on countless covers of Dirt Bike magazine as a test rider, won the 1985 FIM World Supercross Championship, went to battle with the likes of RJ, Glover, Bailey, and Wardy just to name a few and has been a stuntman on countless hit movies in Hollywood for the past few decades. If you don’t get a chance to go to the races then go to  and you can listen to Holley and Weigandt on the Supercross Live! webcast.

April 18: Jake Weimer’s mechanic, Jeremy Hoyer.

April 18:
Racer X Illustrated's Editor-at-Large Steve Cox.

April 18: Paint Bomb’s Frank Ippolito.

April 18: Arenacross title contender Colt Humphrey.

April 19: Larry "Big Bird" Ward went from the privateer to a factory rider more times than anyone that I can remember. Ward always had good style, the fans loved him, and he gave it 110 percent every time he was on the racetrack. Larry retired from racing a few years back and now spends his time relaxing and hunting.

April 19: RG3's Rider Support Manager Jonathan Oler.

April 19: Saatchi & Saatchi’s Mark Carter.

April 20: AX rider Kody Molitor.

April 20: GNCC competitor, Chris Moore.

April 20:'s D.C. Whitmore.

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