Privateer Profile: Jimmy Albertson

April 10, 2008 5:38pm

Billings, Missouri native Jimmy Albertson has been a hot prospect since he moved to the pro racing scene last year. He hasn’t set the world on fire with his results yet, but he has steadily improved. This year Jimmy narrowly missed the podium at Daytona after a last lap mishap pushed him to fifth. Still, as part of the Suzuki City/OTSFF/Rockstar team, Albertson has all the tools he needs to have a breakthrough season. 

Racer X: How has your 2008 season been so far?
Jimmy Albertson: It’s been pretty up and down so far. The first three rounds went alright for me; I made all the mains and got fifth at Daytona. I should have been third but I made a mistake on the last lap and went to fifth. It still felt good to get that finish. Then, at Minneapolis, I crashed and broke my collarbone in the LCQ. I got that plated up and it healed really quickly. I didn’t think I would race until the nationals but I was feeling good and so I gave it a shot. I rode the Thursday before Dallas and it felt good so I went. I got third in my heat and then got in a big first-turn pileup. I landed right on my shoulder again. It’s fine though.

How is the team working out for you?
I’ve been really happy with it. There are some first-year issues, mostly because we didn’t have a lot of time to get ready, but I think it’s been really good.

What are your goals from here on out?
My goal is to put it in the top ten every weekend. I know I can do it, I just have to stay off the ground and don’t do anything stupid. If I can just be top ten in the next couple, do good in Vegas and then start getting ready for outdoors, I will be pumped.

So, you are in the top twenty in points?
Yeah, I will definitely be in Vegas.

Do you like motocross better than supercross?
It will be good. It’s one of those things where you start really looking forward to the nationals when the supercross season is almost done, but by the end of the summer you can’t wait for supercross to get started again. I like them both, it’s just good to have a change.

What do you think about the changes in the motocross series? Glen Helen is at the beginning of the year and Denver is at night.
I am glad Glen Helen is the first round again. I always liked that place and the weather will be so much better in the Spring than in September. It will make the track better and it will just be better for everyone. The night race thing is a little sketchy for me. I guess they will get the lights good, but all I remember is going to my local track at night and not being able to see any of the ruts and bumps because the lighting was so bad. It’s going to be interesting. It will definitely take a toll on you doing those motos at night.

Who have you been riding and training with?
Ever since I broke my collarbone I knew I needed to change my program. I knew that I wasn’t doing enough and maybe not the right things. So, I have been staying with Trey [Canard] for the past few weeks in Texas. He got me hooked up with his trainer and we have been riding together. We’ve been good friends for a long time and he’s been helping me a lot. Everything has been going great. I’m excited about it and I think it is going to really help me get my program on the right track.

What have you picked up from Trey?
Man, there’s a lot to pick up. He is riding with so much intensity lately. He’s a totally different rider than he was a couple years ago when we used to ride together. He doesn’t have anyone out here to ride with either so he is happy to have me riding with him. He’s a gnarly dude. I am just trying to surround myself with the best kind of people. I’m 19 right now and I need to bust a move. The next couple years will determine if I become a top guy or if I just spin my wheels in the back of the pack.

I always heard there was a fast kid from Billings, Montana that was hauling. I guess people don’t know the difference between the states’ abbreviations (Montana is MT and Missouri is MO)?
Yeah, I’ve even had local announcers in Missouri say over the loudspeaker that I came “all the way from Billings, Montana.” I guess I can understand why they make that mistake since there is a Billings in Montana.

Who do you want to thank, Jimmy?
I want to thank Suzuki City/OTSFF/Rockstar, Michael Nasakaitis, Cole Gress, Answer Racing, Shoei, DVS, Alpinestars, Greg DiRenzo, Shannon Niday, Trey Canard, my brother and my mom and dad. Those are people that have really helped me.