Erzberg Rodeo XIV

May 22nd - 25th, 2008

ERZBERGRODEO 2008 - the ultimate in Enduro sports! A record breaking 1500 riders from 32 nations and 4 continents have already registered  for the biggest, toughest and most prestigious off-road motorcycle competition in the world.

Top level riders (confirmed as of April 4th):

David Knight (UK, Factory KTM)
Enduro world champion 2006, GNCC champion 2007, Erzbergrodeo winner 2006

Cyril Despres (AND, Factory KTM)
2x Dakar winner, 2x Erzbergrodeo winner, overall winner Rallye-Raid World Championship

Taddy Blazusiak (POL, Factory KTM)
Erzbergrodeo winner 2007, 1st place Red Bull Last Man Standing, winner Las Vegas Endurocross 2007

Juha Salminen (FIN, Factory KTM)
12x Enduro world champion, 2x GNCC winner, 5x ISDE champion, Erzbergrodeo winner

Marko Tarkkala (FIN, Factory KTM)
1st place in 4 Enduro world champion races 2007, 8th place Erzbergrodeo 2007

Tom Sagar (UK, Factory KTM)
2nd place Erzbergrodeo 2007, British Enduro Championship, 1st place European Enduro Championship 2006

Paul Edmondson (UK, Suzuki)
Multiple Enduro world champion, 2nd place Hell's Gate 2007, 5th place Erzbergrodeo 2007

Kurt Caselli (USA, Factory KTM USA)
WORCS champion 2007, 5x top American ISDE, AMA Sportsman of the Year 2007

Shane Cuthbertson (CAN, Husaberg)
Canadian Enduro champ 2007, 6th place Red Bull Last Man Standing, 2x ISDE silver medallist

Marty Halmazna (CAN, KTM)
2x Erzbergrodeo finisher, Canadian off-road legend

Giovanni Sala (ITA, Factory KTM)
6x Enduro world champion, 12x Italian Enduro champion, 3x ISDE overall winner, Erzberg icon

Darryl Curtis (RSA, KTM)
2x winner Roof of Africa, South African Enduro champion, repeated Erzbergrodeo finisher

Mike Metzger (USA, KTM)
The FMX legend makes his first ever Erzbergrodeo appearance  - as a true privateer!

Other top level riders:
Geoff Aaron (USA), Kyle Redmond (USA), Alain Duclot (F), Andy Bell (USA), Jeremy Rawle (USA), Bryan Capper (RSA), Cory Graffunder (CAN), Jesus Zavala (MEX), Adam Riemann (AUS), Paul Bolton (UK), Mark Jackson (UK), Gregg Godfrey (USA), Gerhard Forster (GER), Andreas Lettenbichler (GER), Ralf Dennenmoser (GER), Ralf Scheidhauer (GER), Erich Brandauer (AUT), Roland Sailer (AUT), Bernhard Walzer (AUT), Joe Lechner (AUT), Hansi Leitner (AUT), Paul Schrank (AUT), Klaus Martinjak (AUT), Paul Bernsteiner (AUT)
Hot Gossip
Still to be confirmed: Chad Reed (USA) und Travis Pastrana (USA, Erzbergrodeo competitor 2005 & 2006), Chris Pfeiffer (GER, multiple Erzbergrodeo winner, stunt riding world champion and crowd pleaser)...

Erzbergrodeo 2008 - Bigger, better and faster than ever!
Even more thrilling side events, a bigger and more sophisticated event area and a "new and improved" IRON ROAD PROLOGUE now featuring a tabletop jump 180m after the start as well as an acceleration measurement in order to crown the "Holeshot King" before the very eyes of 30.000 spectators. The Iron Road Prologue - a freak show in its very own right! Side cars, Scooters, Quads, Harleys, Buells, Fireblades; no one can resist the call of the Erzberg. Watch 1500 bikers fight their way to the summit on a gravel road up to 30m wide. But no matter what, this race has its secret heroes: The Desert Bombers. Big twin cylinder bikes roaring up to the Erzberg's peak, annihilating competition as well as race records. Do not miss the excitement of watching 250kg+ bikes in 185km/h high speed drifts.

Red Bull Hare Scramble
1500 - 500 - ?? Last year, a meager 21 riders had reached the last checkpoint after four hours of fight and exhaustion. Every year, 500 hopefuls gather on Sunday at high noon, but natural selection has rarely been crueler. How many of them will be able to defy the challenges of the toughest single race in the whole Enduro world? And how many nameless warriors will get shipwrecked? Bruised and battered but unbent and unbroken! You'll find them in the grid again next year. To take up the challenge one more time. The challenge of the Erzberg.

Rodeo-X Endurocross
300 riders fight for top honours. From Thursday to Saturday evening - final heat by floodlight! This competition turned out to be one of the most popular side events of the Erzbergrodeo. Rodeo-X Endurocross combines MX, Enduro and Trial in a very unique and attractive way - and the racetrack is located right in front of the big festival tent!

Gravity s****! The FMX-Party is one of the spectacular highlights at the Erzbergrodeo. We'll do nothing more than a little name dropping: Ronnie Renner (USA), Mat Rebeaud (CH), Martin Koren (CZ), Alvaro dal Farra (ITA), Nick de Wit (RSA), Chris Birch (UK), Gilles Dejong (BEL), Vanni Oddera (ITA), Steven Stuyven (BEL), Björn van den Broeck (BEL) and last but not least Jimmy Verburgh (BEL)

Still not convinced? How about that: Rock Solid, Rodeo Air, Superman Seatgrab, Hart Attack, Kiss of Death, Backflip. Breath-taking gladiator action in the midst of 21st century amenities: Cocktail bars, VJs, food stalls, cool club sounds. Plus thousands of party people having a tremendously good time.
New for 2008: 2 ramps - several landing areas!

Erzberg Arena - stretching the limits!
Meeting point, event location, permanent Rodeo-X Endurocross course, shuttle station, F&B center Š everything in the Erzberg universe revolves around the Erzberg Arena. We have done everything imaginable to make our guests feel at home!

o       BIG party tent for 3,500 off-road fanatics
o     VIP Lounge: 400m2
o      Sophisticated Press Center
o     Presentation of Pro Teams
o      Permanent Rodeo-X Endurocross course
o   Freestyle MX zone
o      Promotion area for Erzbergrodeo business partners
o      Merchandising area

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