FMF Racing Dominates in Morganton GNCC

April 4, 2008 6:54am

Paul Whibley

After a third place finish at the previous GNCC race in Georgia, FMF Racing’s David Knight went into Morganton looking to get back to his winning ways, and that is just what he did.  Unfortunately Knight’s race didn’t start off as planned, as he rounded out the first turn in dead last.  However, by the second lap Knight had charged his way into the lead, a position he seldom relinquishes.  Knight held off FMF’s Barry Hawk to take his second victory on the season.  “Apart from another bad start the race went well,” said Knight.  “I pushed hard during the first lap, like I seem to have to do at every race, and got pretty close to the guys at the front.  Once I got passed Barry Hawk and Nate Kanney I tried to break away but I hit a tree so that didn’t really happen.  It was pretty close for a few laps but about half way through the race I started to pull away”. 

In what may be even more impressive than Knight’s victory was the fact that FMF Racing finished first thru seventh in the XC1 Pro class.  Behind Knight, FMF’s Barry Hawk was followed by the entire FMF Suzuki Team of Paul Whibley, Josh Strang, Jimmy Jarrett, and Charlie Mullins in sixth.  Knight’s teammate Nathan Kanney rounded out the top seven. 

David Knight

In the XC2 Lites class, it was once again all FMF as Am-Pro Yamaha’s Thad Duvall took another win, making him undefeated on the season.  “I got a good start, but I got taken out by Wally Palmer. He rocked my world and took me over the berm," said DuVall. "It was just chaos on the first lap; everyone was taking each other out and going crazy. I just clicked up a gear and tried to run my pace, and it worked. I don't know what's different this year, but its working."

The 2008 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series continues in South Carolina on April 12-13.

FMF Steele Creek GNCC
Morganton, N.C.

XC1 Pro Class:
FMF Riders in BOLD

1. David Knight (KTM) Isle of Man
2. Barry Hawk (Yam) Smithfield, PA
3. Paul Whibley (Suz) New Zealand
4. Josh Strang (Suz) Australia
5.Jimmy Jarrett (Suz) Beloit, OH
6. Charles Mullins (Suz) Hamilton, OH
7. Nathan Kanney (KTM) High Falls, NY

8.Jesse Robinson (Kaw) Connelly's Spring, TN
9. Jason Raines (Yam) Belfair, WA
10. Louwens Mahoney (KTM) South Africa

XC1 Point Standings
1. David Knight (81/2 wins)
2. Barry Hawk (57)
2. Jim Jarrett (57)
4. Charlie Mullins (56/1 win)
5. Paul Whibley (55)

XC2 Pro Lites Class:

1. Thad DuVall (Yam) Williamstown, WV
2. Kailub Russell (KTM) Kingston, OH
3. Dustin Gibson (Yam) Cumberland Furn, TN
4. Justin Williamson (KTM) Sanford, FL
5. Josh Weisenfels (Yam) Fort Smith, AR
6. Wallace Palmer (Kaw) Mullica Hill, NJ
7. Andy Shea (KTM) Oxford, OH
8. Brian Lawson (Yam) Adams, MA
9. Eric Bailey (KTM) King George, VA
10. Ryan Echols (Hon) Fairmont, WV